By ZR Reporter
Former Minister of Finance Felix Chapota Mutati has officially launched his new political party called Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

The new party’s vice-president is renowned former trade unionist Leonard Hikaumba, while Secretary General is former Minister of National Development Planning Lucky Mulusa, among other appointed leaders.

Renowned lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF), the Democratic Party under the leadership of Harry Kalaba also attended the launch to back the formation of MDC.


Lucky Mulusa SG

Trevor Simumba interim Chair Finance

Youth Chair Vernon Kasonde

Amb Joyce Musenge Deputy SG

Vice President Admin Sheli Thole

Leonard Hikaumba VP Political

Mutati President

This Is a Complete Team of MMD members


  1. Knowing the history of political parties in Zambia, knowing the political landscape of our country, unless I just want to eat from the ruling party, I cannever try form a party in Zambia right now, why? Bcos the ONLY TWO TRIBAL GROUPS in Zambia that make successful political parties (leaving out only the MMD and how it came up), are presently too busy with other existing parties to enter into the difficulty of bearing, weaning and growing a new opposition political party. The TONGAS are committed with the UPND and the bembas are committed with their PF. Like it or not, an individual forming a political party in Zambia is going nowhere if that individual has no tribal backing of the Tonga/lozi natural support from day 1,OR the Bemba natural support from day 1. I can’t believe that there was some political party making ceremony today when there were no tribal drums from the Tonga south, or from the BEMBA north. How so quiet it has been. If it was a Tonga forming a political party and has the backing of the Tonga block vote, drums from across TONGALAND would have made noise the entire radio wave space in the country. The same would be the case in the case of a BEMBA making a new party and had the backup from bembaland. Seeing that the new party is north oriented, I wish to ask, how far will you run b4 the whole world knows you are just there as spoilers. If I am not understood, well then time will tell. PF is in existence for such long at such high level bcos the bembas put their weight behind it. The UPND is in existence for such long at such supper high level bcos the TONGAS put their weight behind it. Where to Mutati and how far b4 you crash? Time and only only time will tell.


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