PATRIOTIC Front Media Director Sunday Chanda needs to understand that the people of Zambia are tired of hearing the same old broken record of unwarranted accusation directed at one man regarding the privatization of mines in Zambia.

The United Party for national Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema is in a far superior league and that is why he is giving the entire PF sleepless nights. He has worked and earned his money in a decent and legal way.

We are astonished that Chanda and the entire PF lack appreciation of people who hard working, honest and moral uprightness, traits which ranks HH tops, way above the PF leadership.

Why should president Hichilema’s visit to the Copperbelt shake the entire State House if Lungu has got the right grip on Zambia’s mining sector? And what has worshiping at a Catholic Church got to do with privatization of mines?

Instead of wasting time writing baseless statements, we challenge Chanda to make available president Edgar Lungu for a national debate with Hakainde Hichilema in regard to the future of mining in Zambia.

We are giving the PF 72 hours to arrange for a debate that should be broadcast live on both television and radio so that the people of Zambia can judge for themselves a forged and genuine leader between the two.

Clearly, the main fuse in Chanda’s head seem to be troubling him. We know HH is a very big agenda for PF and his presence on the political scene has created a lot of jobs for some people in PF which includes Chanda.

By the way, if the people in the mining town of Luanshya had any issues with the UPND leader, why did they vote for National Democratic Congress’ candidate Joseph Chishala in the Roan parliamentary election whom HH openly supported?

Ala, insoni ebuntu (Self-conscience matter in life).

UPND Media Director



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