By Frank Chadiza Phiri

Without saying PF or UPND is behind the gassing, I feel President Lungu should be very careful with how he is tolerating those saying UPND and HH are behind the gassing. The outcome maybe very bad or lead to more blood shed in Zambia. This is not the time for jokes and political mileage we better play politics well.

Imagine the over 3million Lungu and PF Supporters rise hands to start killing HH and UPND supporters. Note that HH has over 2million supporters. What will be the outcome of the fights? Its not about tarnishing HH image and block him from contesting 2021 but its about what happens before that.

Tayali, GBM and Emmanuel Banda with anyone pointing a finger should do that with care and a clear mind. Search your minds very well before you say anything. President Lungu be very careful of the legacy to come or Zambians will include you in the same dirty. Its very easy to start a fire but its very difficult to put it off.

Tayali, GBM, Emmanuel etc as you try to get identity from the President please don’t take advantage of people. Dont take advantage of fools because one day, fools may unite and beat your intelligence.

The fire you are starting ba PF, the rich you will manage to run away but many of us the poor will fail to run and life will be lost. It all started with accusing HH and UPND as a Satanist, HH and UPND as tribal, HH and UPND and promoters of gay. Zambians watched and ignored. But where you are touching now is a wrong button of death.

Let’s be careful. If not handled well, the gassing will shift to mob inter party killing. Just sit and relax, clear your minds and say HH is behind the gassing. What benefit will you get when people are killing each other?. Once Sata said ” I want to come rule people, don’t kill yourselves because I will have no one to rule and bless when I come in power, you all be dead”


  1. This is very good analysis.
    I might add that this is not the time for politics but the time to unite and address the current situation as one people.

  2. Lungu has no ears very pompous poor Zambians are the ones who are being cheated with money and hence turn against them selves what a shame to the whole world. Once known as a peaceful country where anyone could seek refuge but now it is fire

  3. Don’t bring gbm closer Mr President. It’s inviting a snake in your house. The way he is destroying hh will be the same way he will destroy you.and no normal person can trust gbm.

  4. We are Ready to Die for Hichilema. The Haters will force us to join in fighting in this country Zambia. Lungu and his pf thugs will be Responsible for the fight in Zambia. God Will Help Us to be Win.

  5. The battle lines are already drawn. It’s already a war zone in Zambia. The only difference is that fighting is still limited to suspected Gasser’s. Once it changes to suspected persons of the party you don’t support, you will see the real mayhem in this country.
    And surely GBM and TAYALI, one wonders if these 2 love their lives. I can see them being singled out immediately these killings turn from killing of suspected Gasser’s to killings based on political parties divides. Soon you will hear that TAYALI ‘s household and all his properties are in ashes. He will have to run to outside Zambia. If people can fish a suspect from a hospital it means there is no hiding place for suspected accomplices in Zambia. It seems to me TAYALI and GBM are risking their lives just too carelessly.
    However, this chaos and insecurity and the ongoing killings in the country are just as Mr Lungu and his PF minions want things to be. Against HH they have tried everything to stop his ride to Plot 1. They tried tribalism but it ended up backfiring. Today everyone will tell you that PF is full of TRIBALISTS. They tried to say HH is a satanist but it has badly backfired and today many of the once diehard PF have ditched the party after revelations by Seer1 that PF are SATANISTS. everyone in the street will tell you that the satanist is PF. Accusations that HH is gay are a dead strategy, as no one buys into such open lies by little frightened men and women in this SATANIC PARTY. I do not think the PF still have belief in bill 10. No they don’t. Bill 10 has been punched too much so much that even the movers no longer have faith it will pass in parliament. And so with all these strategies failing, the PF thieves who thought the sun will always be shining for them have realized the day of reckoning is nigh. It is by the corner.
    A chaotic country is now their last option. Chaos in the country will give them opportunity to curb opposition party activities until beyond election time next year. Chaos will give them a chance to arrest opponents and keep them in prison until after elections next year. That is the only hope for them. IT IS NOSENSE FOR ANY ZAMBIAN ADULT ABOVE THE AGE 18 TO THINK THE GASSING CRIMES GOING ON IN THE COUNTRY ARE CAUSED BY THE OPPOSITION. THIS GASSING IS A PF OPERATION AIMED AT MAKING THE COUNTRY LOOK IN TURMOIL SO THAT THEIR DIRTY OBJECTIVES ARE REALIZED. WHAT A LEADERSHIP WE HAVE IN ZAMBIA!!

  6. His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu it is now or never please take bold decisions and act to stop atrocities and lawlessness taking place in Zambia. Criminals and jobless frustrated people in the pretext of acting as PF cadres are taking advantage of gassing situations to cause instability in Zambia.

    The president should sternly deal with GBM and Chilufya as these two persons including Sunday Chanda are all agents of the Devil aimed at promoting genocide in Zambia. Please let the law enforcement arrest them so that they provide evidence of ritual killers and people behind gassing. The current happenings in our country where innocent people have been murdered and shedding of innocent blood is great sin upon this nation. The blood of innocent people is on your head as President of Zambia.

    Mr. President from the very beginning of your ascendancy to power you have managed to divide this nation based on your tribalism, hate speech and promoting barbaric and hooliganism among your followers. In the past and presently opposition political party members and people with divergent views and opinions have been hacked by PF cadres and you remained silent. Your followers have preached hate tribal speeches in public and still you have remained silent. The police each time they moved in to discipline PF cadres you protected PF hooligans by dismissing police officers and accusing them of working for opposition political parties. You succeeded in instilling fear in Zambia Police professionalism. President Lungu see now what has become of Zambia under your leadership?

    God has rejected you and don’t force yourself by any means to contest general elections in 2021. Let another person take over from. Your 2020 and part of 2021 to correct things by installing confidence in the Zambia Police, Judiciary. Anti Corruption Commission, Drug Enforcement Commission and Civil Service. Also work towards improving the economy and uniting the tribes of Zambia you found people more united, loving and caring for each other and the economy was fair.

    In the history of this once admired peaceful country did we see or witness divisions, lack of love, lack of respect for humanity, lawlessness, bitterness, hatred, hypocrisy, vengeful and raising hooliganism but all these evil acts are happening during your regime. You have brought disgrace to the body of Christ the Church and to the entire population of Zambia. Remember for a long time you have been pretending to be a Christian by touring Churches and proclaiming to be a humble and genuine Christian yet you are not and by far from being one. Your dealings and actions speak louder than your words.

    You have shed innocent blood and dismissed innocent Civil Servants and segregated people based on politics and tribe.

  7. You will know them by their fruits…GBM is sword which will pierce Lungu one day. He once called him “Tubakabola” and today he is saying that he was just politicking….Watch and see the confusions that he is about to create in PF.

  8. Dear Zambians, do you now understand why Pigeons refused to fly during the inauguration ceremony by a court registrar and also during the so called Day of Prayers? Those were ominous signs. The Law of Cause and Effect is sure. You reap what you sow. See your life now? Living in fear is the worst form of human existence!


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