By Saleya Kwalombota

May I take this opportunity to correct misinformation that has engulfed the Barotseland Agreement 1964 as having been associated to BRE other than the people of Barotseland, otherwise, Barotseland will forever remain at the mercy of Zambian government! People should take cognizance of the fact that the BRE was not part of the formation of the BA’64 because it did not exist at the time. The BA’64 was the product of the Barotse Native Government (BNG) and the Northern Rhodesia Government (NRG). It was a government to government negotiated product.

A rhetoric question may be asked, what constituted the Barotseland Government? The government of Barotseland constituted of the following; The National Council (parliament) to make laws for Barotseland, The Litunga (The Executive) to assent to these laws, Barotse Local Courts (the Judiciary) to enforce these laws, the Barotse Native Treasury (the treasury) to finance the running of Barotseland Government that included civil service for the day to day administration of the Kingdom.

In view of the aforesaid, where does the BRE get authority from to take a leading role in issues surrounding the BA64 and mislead the public by issuing inconsistent statements to suit Zambia’s interests? Otherwise Bulozi will forever remain a lost Kingdom because the BRE holds no legitimacy over the Barotseland territory, it is not even a signatory to the treaty as it did not exist at the time. The office of Ngambela being a signatory to the BA64 should take the leading role to foster the implementation of the 2012 BNC resolutions and work hand in hand with all the stakeholders and all mileneñi.

It is regrettable to note that with the introduction of the BRE in 1965 by the subjugator, Barotseland has witnessed the mushrooming of politically motivated royal establishments such as Nkoya and Mbunda. These political sponsored royal establishments are aimed at disuniting the people of Barotseland in order for Zambia to continue enslaving Barotseland. Tomorrow Barotseland may wake up to a surprise to hear the establishment of Mashi, Nyengo, Kwangwa, etc, royal establishments, if the current confusion in Kaoma is not corrected by the newly installed Ngambela.

It is strange that the entire Barotseland can allow the government of Zambia to reduce the Litunga’s authority over land through inconsistent enacted Acts. The land tenure in Barotseland has been severed to the extent whereby people today have the audacity to sell land to foreigners because of having links to the party in power. It is even further surprising to note how the BRE and Kutas are abused at the hands of ruling party officials especially when canvasing for votes during any election by parading them on cameras as they issue inconsistent statements against the people’s resolve of the 2012 BNC after a courtesy call that goes with nothing but brown envelopes. It is rather unpatriotic for any Mulozi to cherish the occupation of Barotseland by Zambia.

Allowing the BRE, the institution with no political fiber to protect Bulozi against Zambia’s encroachment and its maneuvers over the defunct BA64, is not only retrogressive but a recipe to disunity. Issues of Barotseland are negotiated and concluded by popular participation that does not exclude the people of Barotseland who are in this case the principle stakeholders. The new Ngambela should embrace ideas and participation of all parties to foster the implementation of the 2012 BNC resolutions. practically, only government of Barotseland can force Zambian government out of Barotseland territory.

People should understand that every institution of the state of Zambia is an instrument of repression of Barotseland, therefore, filing petitions over the BA64 in courts of Zambia is of no help and time wasting as no justice will be done. Mass action programs are the only solution and let the BRE avoid issuing statements inconsistent with the people’s 2012 BNC resolutions.

Bulozi fasi la bondata Luna


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