The prime minister of Barotseland, Ngambela Mukela Manyando has disclosed that he will also engage the ICC to look into the matter of Zambia’s brutality and war where Zambia had butchered the people of Barotseland in 2011 January 14.

He said it’s very sad to note that Mr Charles Milupi could only mention political figures instead of including the people of Barotseland. His brothers and sisters were butchered and killed in blood by the evil regime of MMD’s rupiah Banda. We are not going to rest until all those who were involved are brought down to the book.

We also want to challenge the Zambian government to also allow the ICC to investigate the Barotseland issue. Let them come and we are ready for the ball.
We have so many things on the table and we really need to do the work, otherwise time is not with us.


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