Dickson Jere


DR Sishuwa Sishuwa is under attack for producing a table depicting “ethnicity” in the current and previous cabinet. Most have punched holes in the table especially with a lot of intermarriages in Zambia.

Others are calling for him to stop the debate as it is divisive. But the question is…why are we still being mandated to give tribe when getting National Registration Cards?

And when you are summoned at a Police Station to give a statement, you are required to give tribe.

Shouldn’t we be discarding those requirements which adds no value but only stigmatises people?

Even when obtaining a passport in Zambia you are asked to fill forms which require you to disclose tribe!



  1. Tribe requirements on official government forms are necessary for statistics. People can do post graduate studies by analysis that type of critical information and inform decision making. Otherwise we will be living in delusion thinking that all is well when not. For instance, how would we know that a certain group of people including tribe is being left behind through marginalization as happened under Lungu and his tandem of thugs where even just getting a teaching job or police not to talk of higher position, you have to either come from the north or the east. The PF right from the time of Sata came with an agender of tribalism. Check Sata’s foreign service and all other appointments. Check also lists of recruitment into the military/civil service.

  2. We need our tribal identity. Is it not a shame that some of the young people from age of 30 downwards cannot speak their mother tongue. Some have no history of where their parents came from. In Burundi and Rwanda, the citizens are forbidden to talk about tribe but they still kill each other in the name of ethnicity.

    Government documents should have tribe in it for security reasons. Otherwise we shall end up with a lot of foreigners becoming Zambians. But tribe should not be one of the qualifications for political office. Right now UPND is suffering tribal balancing disease because it has to fight it’s tribal origins and tag. Some well qualified people have been left out because the ‘Quota’ for their tribe is filled. Most tribal analysts seem to suggest that Northwest Province is a tribe and Eastern region is another tribe. NWP has three major national languages and must be treated as such.


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