UPND Presidential campaign team vice chairperson for mobilisation Mrs Grace Chivube commonly known as mama G yesterday challenged UPND members in Mpulungu ward Kabanana ward 27 and UPND Ngwelele ward 22 members in Mandevu constituency during his door to door mobilisation.

Mrs Chivube who was welcomed by two UPND Aspiring councillors in Kabanana 27 Mr Patrick Phiri and Mr Chongo, said councillors are the eyes of the party on the ground and that they are the President’s campaign managers at ward level.

Mrs Chivube thanked the working culture between the two councillors and encouraged them to work together even if other Aspiring councillors may wish to come just accommodate them.

UPND Kabanana ward Aspiring councillors acknowledged and appreciated the words of counsel from mama G who later proceeded to Ngwelele ward 22.

Mrs chivube who was welcomed by UPND Mandevu constituency Aspiring MP Mr Ross Josphat Kasikili and UPND Ngwelele ward 22 Aspiring councillor Mr Boyd Khondowe proceeded to branch visitation before proceeding to the chimwasa branch interactive meeting.

At the women’s meeting in Ngwelele ward, mrs Chivube reminded the women how difficult it has to prepare nice meals for the Family and asked them never to behave like a pregnant woman who feels pain during and before delivery but after delivering will rush to have a pregnancy as the case of PF that always close to elections they walk around with bags of money but after elections everything disappears.

And UPND Ngwelele ward 22 Aspiring councillor reviewed that he was committed to making sure that Ngwelele ward 22 was delivered to UPND at cost regardless of PF manoeuvres and UPND Mandevu constituency Aspiring candidate Mr Ross Josphat Kasikili encouraged the women to remain strong amidst the PF provocations in trying to bring fear to everyone who is seen or heard to be preaching the message of Hope.

The team later joined a youthful brach at chimwasa area within Ngwelele ward 22. The youths who sounded encouraged by the visit of the leaders expressed their commitment in making sure that UPND forms government.

Mrs Chivube stated that it was unfortunate that a parent can take a child from school to university but after graduating that students need to be back home because there is no employment. Mrs Chivube said even if someone would wish to do business in the country, Chinese are also doing the same small businesses done by the locals making it difficult for majority Zambians.

Mrs Chivube also questioned the police service on whether the country was safe to have 2 types of police service, the one known by the command and another one known by the PF as the case was when the purpoted state police went to shibuyunji and wondered if the Zambia police was something to trust.

And UPND Mandevu constituency Aspiring candidate Mr Ross Josphat Kasikili used the opportunity to educate the youths on how UPND will create jobs from the ground going up. Mr Kasikili said time has come for everyone to take it upon themselves and campaign for President HH who was ready to deliver the needed change to the people of Zambia.

Mrs Chivube added that Zambians will stop trusting anyone seen in police uniforms because as a country, it means we have many criminals masquerading as police officers and wondered how such criminals access state police vehicles and guns to disturb the peaceful people.





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