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Luanshya. May 25, 2019.

By. Dr. Chishimba Kambwili. NDC President.

I want to join the rest of the continent in celebrating Africa Freedom Day that falls today.

Africa Freedom Day reminds us of the great sacrifice that our fore fathers put up in fighting for the liberation of our continent.

Our fore father’s indeed wanted to see a better Africa, a united continent and a continent free from colonialism, exploitation, tranny and all forms of injustice.

I pay tribute to our own freedom fights Made Kenneth Kaunda, Greg Zulu, Mama Kankasa, Mungoni Liso and several other Zambians who fought for the freedom we are enjoying today.

Unfortunately, dictators are abusing what our great leaders fought for.

As leader of the NDC, I have a special message to the people of my country Zambia.

I want to assure our people that time for change is indeed coming for Zambia.

Zambia and its people will soon be free and liberated.

Zambians can change their destiny and yes, they are capable of rising above the many challenges that our motherland is facing.

This political and economic change can only come about if Zambians unite and remove this regime that has caused so much pain and havoc through the ballot.

As we commemorate Africa Freedom Day today, I want to remind and implore Zambians to unite and fight exploitation, tranny, injustice, corruption and all forms of nepotism and regionalism.

Zambia is one and tribe should never divide us.

As we celebrate this day, I am urging all zambians to also champion patriotism.

It should be noted, that if our fire father’s were not patriotic, this country and the continent as a whole would have still been under colonial rule.

It should be made clear, that if Zambians do not espouse and show patriotism, we risk loosing our sovereignty and freedom as a people.

Greed and the love of money should never allow us to sale, auction and bargain our hard earned freedom to imperialists.

It is unfortunate that our own brothers and sisters under the pf regime have started eating with imperialists and forgotten our own people.

This regime has bargained our nation to powerful foreign enterprise’s simply because they are benefiting from corrupt deals that they continue awarding foreign multinationals.

We should guard our freedom and our land jealously. Our Soverinity and dignity as a people should not be lost to the higest bidder under the veil of economic emancipation and freedom.

I firmly believe Zambians have the capacity and skills to develop this great country. This however, calls for sacrifice from all of us.

Unfortunately, selfishness and greed have eaten and eroded what our forefathers beloved in and championed.

Zambians have become their own enemies.

Zambians are killing and persecuting one another all because of selfishness.

This should come to an end. As a people, we should compete on a clean platform and not base our discourse to wrestle for political power on trivialities.

55 years after independence, it is shameful that our people still live in misery and poverty purely because those in the corridors of power have looted the country’s resources.

Africa will only become free if we all stood and fought brutal regimes and dictatorship.

Zambians, unite and fight for what our forefathers stood for.

Lastly, i am urging all Zambians to seriously reflect on what is happening in this country. Are we happy with the economic doldrums we are facing as a nation at the hands of thus brutal pf regime? Are we happy that our freedoms, liberties and rights are being gaged and silenced by this government?

Zambians, think twice.

I thank you.




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