Sports minister Emmanuel Mulenga

-Ba Mudala Taxpayers Money isn’t Your Money
-Let FAZ work peacefully without your unnecessary interference
-FIFA and Political interference doesn’t get Along plz, you Politicians will be Happy because your are getting paid, Us our joy comes from football.
-Your Job is not to make decisions for FAZ. Your Job is to fund sports disciplines as a ministry, after all it’s our Money, not your pocket Money.

-You were appointment as Minister of Sports not to bring Confusion but to bring Glory in all sports disciplines particularly Football as the most Loved sport in the country.
-The call for Kamanga, Kalusha reconciliation was not necessary, because there is no differences between the two, what took place was election and Kamanga was elected. And in Every election, there must be a winner and a looser and a loosing candidate is always bitter.

– You might be right about VASELINE’s appointment but Be Professional ba Honorable Emmanuel Mulenga in the way you handle issues, otherwise Media will Bring problems to our game, FAZ or your ministry have offices to discuss issues before you publish them.
You can do better, we had Real Men at the helm of ministry of sports the Honorable Kambwili who under his Time Won us AfCON, but he handled issues with Kalusha in a good and respective Manner. You can do it as well Sir

Should this continue, President Lungu Will do what he does best 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

By ‎Cha Lwe‎


This photo was taken weeks ago.
The minister wanted to reconcile his friend and AK.
AK said he has no issues with the ministers friend, hence the call fir reconciliation was not necessary.
The minister came back from photo shooting in South Africa. .
Government failed to process visas for under 20 shepolopolo..
FAZ were forced to apologies and take the blame. .
Government ah no let’s just say the Minister rejected the coach FAZ settled for (his reasons were a bit convincing but the manner he brought them out wasn’t…………)
Now the minister is saying government will not fund for the home games in Africa cup qualifiers. ..
I think if this man means well, he should be engaging FAZ unlike rushing to the media before talks.. There is a sour relationship here…
Am seen more to come. .


  1. This Boy is just childish, I think the ministry is too big for him, but the blame eventually falls on the appointing authority if things go wrong people are talking against this minister but indirectly or directly the buck ends with the appointing authority. Just like Mulenga Rejected Vaselines appointment, the majority of the people are now rejecting Mulengas appointment at the ministry. This is Nkandu Luoism all over again but in a different ministry


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