By Stembridge Sikalundu‎

Time to prepare on the adverse episode of instincts to survive without anything in mind depends on those that have the ability to strive with conditions artificially created, who can argue that the ECONOMY mean problems for the majority people who can’t afford to provide for their families.

The effects are severe, many families are failing ,when education is right to all ,but this country and it’s people are converting options against such global obligations which any govt must consider priority before anything such as luxurious incentives for leaders in govt. Do we have leaders in govt who are able to feel the plight of the Zambians when leaders have increased their salaries @100% with accrual benefits for themselves .

The ministers have failed by going against the law which decided them to pay back salaries received upon the dissolution of parliament. TAX PAYERS MONEY still remains in the elligal hands of political power overriding the constitutional position as a requirement .what else is left to advantage the people of this country and join celebrations of the patriotic front family on the eligibility of president LUNGU standing in 2021general elections ,The employment of 2000 teachers from the 25.000 applicants is another indication of failed generation of rational capacities to improve human resource development to empower the majority skilled young men and women ,with expected opportunities promised during campaigns.

The govt under this regime must be very considerate in its frame work, negotiating for better wages and salaries has been highly politicised with most of the unions compromising their relevance, who can stand from this regime to convince the workers that they are being paid responsible emoluments with the high cost of living being perpetuated by poor economic policies, if the ministers can justify the hefty increments from these challenges, for sure is it right to offer a k150=00 as incremental margin for the workers in this country who are sacrificing their lives and time to ensure govt is represented in all its programs around the country, it is difficult to describe this leadership under president Lungu, please have mercy on your people, the carders, the members of the patriotic front have emerged powerful in societies building mansions and prevailing on a luxury life just for being in solidarity with the leadership ,what about the professionals contributing to govt efforts ? This reflects a worse more position to the million youths and other citizens wallowing in poverty for luck of opportunities and incentives, these are people who voted for these un sympathetic leaders having in considerable appetite to have all they need for themselves . this is not time to celebrate for legalities but to work and prove the relevance of this regime not by just advantaged positions of political success which is pleasing the party in power and not the majority citizens in the nation.

The PF must now find out why the entire nation is not celebrating with them on the recent achievements which are being considered success grounds of political power and fortification. Women and children have chosen to battle with wild animals to pluck fruits to sell in the Zambian streets to survive, is this govt cautiously feeling the impact of their leadership style and the sequence of policy implementation, only God will serve this country from the valleys of poverty caused by the jaws of the pack of hungry lions….



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