By Zambian Watchdog

Here is the comprehensive list of government officials, opposition MPs, Judges and other public officials who have demarcated Forest Reserve number 27.

The list includes UPND Spokesperson and Choma MP Cornelius Mweetwa, sick and replaced Anti-Corruption Commission boss Kapetwa, Given Lubinda and former state house special assistant Lucky Mulusa, his predecessor Daniel Siwo, Sukwana Lungaba, Chitalu Chilufya, former army commander Paul Mihova etc.

Why do you think UPND is ndwiii on this one? The fools are are part of the plunder.

This of course includes Vice President Inonge Wina, Speaker Matibini, Chief Justice Mambilima, Jean Kapata, Vulden Findlay etc.

Unless Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are on the side of William Harrington, he can never reverse this. The evil he is fighting is just too big.

Read the list for yourself below:











  1. This this your Zambia bane, where corruption is a daily routine , why have they left chagwa’s name ? Is he in forest 100. It’s time to go these pfools.


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