Did you know that HH is actually the richest Zambian ever? Even before late President Chiluba privatized the mines HH was already the richest man in Zambia. Infact, he never benefited anything from privatization because he was just a consultant.

If anything Zambians should thank HH for adjusting the prices of mines upwards by 4 times as opposed to how Chiluba had wanted to sell them.

Chiluba wanted to sell the mines at a chipper price but HH helped the country by objecting and advising the president to sell they at a 4 times higher price, and that helped the economy of the country not to collapse, hence Chiluba died a man who had full respect for HH because of how he helped Zambia.

Zambia would have been the poorest nation had it not been for HH who helped Chiluba not to under value the mines. HH became rich when he was just 21 because of cattle.

In the history of Zambia there has never been any person who is richer than HH. He is actually 20 times richer that GBM, 15 times richer than Kambwili, 10 times richer than the corrupt Edgar Lungu.

President Lungu is now the second richest man in Zambia, beating GBM in within two years not because he has businesses but because he steals directly from the coffers of Zambia. For example last year, he took all the money that was meant to buy medicine in hospitals. Now we are told 40% of what the fire tenders and ambulances costed is his. Infact 40% of every deal in government is his, hence he is now the second richest when when was number 125 richest in 2014 before he became president or at the time when Sata was dying.

HH is the 18th richest person in Africa, the richest being Dangote

#1. Aliko Dangote $12.1 B 60 cement, sugar, flour
#2 Nicky Oppenheimer $7 B 72 diamonds
#3 Mike Adenuga $5.8 B 64 telecom, oil
#4 Johann Rupert $5.5 B 67 luxury goods

#4 Christoffel Wiese $5.5 B 76 retail
#6 Nassef Sawiris $5.3 B 56 construction, chemicals
#7 Naguib Sawiris $3.7 B 63 telecom
#8 Isabel dos Santos $3.2 B 44 investments
#9 Issad Rebrab $3.1 B 73 food
#10 Mohamed Mansour $2.7 B 69 diversified

#11 Koos Bekker $2 B 64 media, investments
#12 Othman Benjelloun $1.9 B 85 banking, insurance
#13 Yasseen Mansour $1.8 B 56 diversified
#14 Folorunsho Alakija $1.6 B 66 oil
#14 Patrice Motsepe $1.6 B 55 mining

#16 Aziz Akhannouch $1.4 B 56 petroleum, diversified
#16 Mohammed Dewji $1.4 B 42 diversified
#18 Youssef Mansour $1.1 B 72 diversified

#18 Stephen Saad $1.1 B 53 pharmaceuticals
#18 Onsi Sawiris $1.1 B 87 construction, telecom

#18 Anas Sefrioui $1.1 B 60 real estate
#18 Hakainde Hichilema $1.0 B (K1 trillion) 70 cattle ranches and 100 farms and 40 airports across the world.

HH got his wealth through farming and cattle keeping.
Source: OSA



  1. It’s he’s money he has the right to invest any country of his choice. You are looking for investor’s to invest in Zambia with zero tax for a period of five year what do we call that. Shame on you with very little of understanding,talk about those wheelbarrow you bought in the name of fire engines.

  2. No, he wants to share his wealth through empowering others and rendering his economic knowledge. Would you compare what he is worthy to stealing a fire tender? Be forecast.

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    • That is all we know – begging. Work hard and earn your own. We like brandishing people as being “stingy”. Yes they can and they should. Work hard and stay away from this syndrome of begging.

  4. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk he became rich at 2,1 when in 1987 he had only two pair of trousers, don’t be cheated how many people own cattle in Southerner province who can even claim to have the a quarter of H.S.H money, I knew the bastard from the campus.

    • I knew him from Kalomo Secondary School from 1976 to 1980 but I cannot expect him to remain what he was then. We all have had different blessings or misfortunes in life and we cannot base on what we knew when we were wherever. So what if he had two pairs of trousers????

    • To me that is a person to be close to so that I also learn how to turn 2 pairs of trousers into millions of dollers. However I feel there is an exageration here to make HH look horrible. I have gotten the following list from Forbes Magazine.

      The African Billionaires 2017

      Mfonobong Nsehe , Contributor. I chronicle Africa’s success stories and track its richest people
      Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

      There are 25 African billionaires this year, up from 24 last year. Nigerian businessmen Femi Otedola and Abdulsamad Rabiu failed to make the cut this year.

      Mohammed Dewji of Tanzania is still the youngest billionaire in Africa with a fortune FORBES estimates at $1.09 billion.
      Angolan investor Isabel dos Santos and oil tycoon Folorunsho Alakija of Nigeria still remain the only two female billionaires on the continent.

      Meet the 24 African billionaires:

      1. Aliko Dangote, Nigerian

      Net Worth: $12.2 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Cement, flour, sugar, salt

      2. Nicky Oppenheimer, South African

      Net Worth: $7 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Diamonds

      3. Mike Adenuga, Nigerian

      Net Worth: $6.1 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Telecom, Oil, Real Estat

      4. Johann Rupert, South African

      Net Worth: $6.3 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Luxury Goods

      5. Nassef Sawiris, Egyptian

      Net Worth: $6.2billion

      Source Of Wealth: Construction, Chemicals

      6. Christoffel Wiese, South African

      Net Worth: $5.9 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Retail

      7. Nathan Kirsch, Swazi

      Net Worth: $3.9 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Retail

      8. Naguib Sawiris, Egyptian

      Net Worth: $3.8 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Telecom

      9. Isabel dos Santos, Angolan

      Net Worth: $3.1 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Investments

      10. Issad Rebrab, Algerian

      Net Worth: $3 billion

      Source of Wealth: Food

      11. Mohamed Mansour, Egyptian

      Net Worth: $2.7 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Diversified

      12. Koos Bekker, South African

      Net Worth: $2.1 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Media, Investments

      13. Allan Gray, South African

      Net Worth: $1.99 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Money Management

      14. Othman Benjelloun, Moroccan

      Net Worth: $1.9 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Banking, Insurance

      15. Mohamed Al Fayed, Egyptian

      Net Worth: $1.82 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Retailing

      16. Patrice Motsepe, South African

      Net Worth: $1.81 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Mining

      17. Yasseen Mansour, Egyptian

      Net Worth: $1.76 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Diversified

      18. Folorunsho Alakija, Nigerian

      Net Worth: $1.61 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Oil

      19. Aziz Akhannouch, Moroccan

      Net Worth: $1.58 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Petroleum, Diversified

      20. Mohammed Dewji, Tanzanian

      Net Worth: $1.4 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Diversified

      21. Stephen Saad, South African

      Net Worth: $1.21 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Pharmaceuticals

      22. Youssef Mansour, Egyptian

      Net Worth: $1.15 billion

      Source: Diversified

      23. Onsi Sawiris, Egyptian

      Net Worth: $1.14 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Construction, Telecom

      Anas Sefrioui, Moroccan

      Net Worth: $1.06 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Real Estate

      25. Jannie Mouton, South African

      Net Worth: $1 billion

      Source Of Wealth: Financial services

      Email: [email protected] com

  5. Samson, you are always against with h,h, so I don’t know the hatred u have because even though u hate him, he will never be compared with your father, sourt of wealthy because u are too jealous for him.

  6. all of you here do not think well, honestly do you expect hh to improve the economy of zambia? work up from your sleep, if this man loves this country, why investing in other countries? atleast he would have built even a school to show that he’ll build more when he comes to power. does he have to wait until elected for him to help the country he loves so much?

    • HH has built Schools and Clinics not one but many. He is the kind of person who believes that when the right hand is giving, the left should not know. Even the many people he sponsores at various schools and Universities, he never exposes them so that they can be very free without worshiping him. He is just a selfless man who has touched many without pomp. Thats his nature. You can vilifify him as much as you want but that wont change anything. Some of us are inspired. We may never reach even 100th of what he has achieved but we are truly inspired. Hate him as much as you want but nothing changes. Its actually you the hater who suffers seing a person you hate not paying attention to you. My brother or sister dont die from hypertension. Let those who are now in leadership show us what they built before they came into power. Let them also show us what they build while in power using their personal money. NONE!

  7. If I were him with that amount of money I wouldn’t even be creating confusion over mere presidency….For sure does he help develop the country? Instead what he loves most is violence …this is for those that have eyes and see.

  8. Comment:if you’re a poor man,dont even waste your energy to insult a rich man.A rich will remain rich and a poor man will remin more poor than the way he was, evin the Bible states this parable. HH is known warldwide even late president mwanawasa had respect 4 him so why u people talk about HH all the time? you’re discrediting zambia shame on u.

  9. At list we know the money he has ,if he became’s our President he will concentrat on developing our country ,kaili alikwatakale ndalama ,not Ba lungu first besushe ama ukwa bags ,elo mwalishibafye ishakwiba takwaba ukumona ati shafula ,kulamona kwati ngawaleka shikapwa bwangu kanshi kukolopa , mwilalaba Dandy crazy alimyebele ati nikolopa . com.

  10. And when some one says, that fellow Zambians let us work together and bring prosperity to our motherland, then you start calling him names. Please learn from some one who has the know how, we chose to uphold someone who was stealing from clients and see what he has done to the country. By the time we all wake up, we will have nothing.

  11. this is the real man zambia needs. to rebuild and fix the damaged economy of once the paradise on earth and now the third hangriest country on earth. no wonder those raiders stole even food in the fridges.


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