Laura Miti

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should listen to Hakainde Hichilema’s advice on addressing Zambia’s current economic malaise, says activist Laura Miti.

Reacting to a posting on Hichilema’s Facebook page, in which the opposition leader addresses Zambia’s current fiscal position, Miti described the analysis as expert advice that the government should give heed.

Hichilema wrote that the PF government upon assuming power in 2011 reversed all the economic gains Zambia had recorded in previous years. He said the PF had put the country in a “very precarious” situation.

Hichilema proposed several “practical solutions” for stopping what he termed “fiscal haemorrhage and addressing the economic malaise”.

Miti urged the government to take interest in the analysis.

“HH [Hichilema] has done an impressive job on his page of analysing the troubles of our economy. It is an expert piece, with technical information, broken down in clear, easy to understand terms,” said Miti.

“The analysis sets out how glowingly healthy the economy was in 2011, mistakes made since [Felix] Mutati’s solid attempt to redirect, government’s refusal to allow him, his ejection and the return to damaging actions. He [Hichilema] ends with proposed actions, which if government takes up, would save a sinking boat (My words and no pun intended). I am sure HH hopes he is ignored (he is a politician) but heck, EL, if I were you, I would take his advice and pretend I thought it up.”



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