By Saleya Kwalombota

This article is aimed at exposing the misinformation and lies by the Zambian government reducing the title of the Litunga from being the Head of a nation to a provincial head as stipulated under her Laws formulated by the Kaunda regime under the agenda meant to wipe Barotseland nation and the authority of the Litunga.

That said, it is unfortunate that even the Zambians of today still believe and glorify the unlawful acts of Kenneth Kaunda. As long as Zambia fails to accept the wrongs of Kaunda and face the consequences, the country will forever fail to come-up with a people driven constitution while political thuggery, corruption in public offices and clan based politics will remain the order of the day.

The title and position of Litunga has further been distorted by Zambian politicians aimed at causing disunity among the 38 tribes of Barotseland referring to His Majesty as King of a tribe they call “Lozi” which only exists in their heads. Allow me to quote one of the debates in the UK parliament where the position of Barotseland under independent Northern Rhodesia became an issue of serious concern.
Title topic;
“Litunga Of Barotseland
02 June 1964

Volume 695
Mr. Wall asked the Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations and the Colonies what agreement has been reached with the Litunga of Barotseland regarding his COUNTRY’S association with Northern Rhodesia.

Mr. Sandys
The agreement has been published as a White Paper (Cmnd. No. 2366)”
End of quote.

From the quote above, no doubt that Litunga is a title of the Head of a nation not a tribe as being advanced by the Zambian government to cement its occupation and control of the territory under a slavery name of western province.

The Litunga of Barotseland is the official title of the Head of Barotseland nation. The Litunga has been recognized as such for years even before Zambia could be dreamed of. From the UK debates, it is clear that Barotseland joined Zambia under power sharing sovereignty and on mutual agreement under command- Cmnd. No. 2366- which is Barotseland Agreement 1964. The Litunga and the people of Barotseland joined Zambia as people of Barotseland not Western province. There is no clause in the agreement that authorised Zambia to change the name to Western province and Litunga of Barotseland to Litunga of Western province. As long as the Litungaship exists, so is the title; “Litunga ” and nation, “Barotseland”, completed as “Litunga of Barotseland”. Any proclamation departing from the aforesaid is an act of annexation which is illegal under international law.

Going forward, Barotseland exists and the Litunga is the Head of the nation. Following the 2012 BNC resolutions to revert Barotseland to a nation-state, the office of the Litunga will be a constitutional office.

As proposed by technocrats and traditionalists. In a fully fledged state of Barotseland the Litunga will forever remain Head of state and commander in Chief of the armed forces.

Succession to the throne of Litungaship will remain forever the responsibility of the Situngu Sa Ambumu and Seembe College in accordance with the customary law.

Once ascended to the throne, the new Litunga will be required by law of the Kingdom State to take oath as soon as is practicable to the office of the Litunga ( not to the throne).

The Litunga as the Head of state will be accorded immunity from suit and legal process.

In an event the person holding the office of the Litunga fails to execute his duties due to infirmity of the body or mind, the Ngambela after receiving the medical report, reports to Katengo (parliament) and the upper House for action.

The government of Zambia is very desperate as it has been in the past to the extent of using the Nkoya tribe to disrespect the Litunga, the Head of Barotseland nation. Had it not been for the Litunga and his government to sign the BA64, the Nkoyas would have not known Zambia. I think they are ignorant of this fact! Suffice to mention that not every Nkoya buys in the Zambian divide and rule game.

In conclusion, Barotseland is destined to be a fully fledged state once logistics and technicalities are completed. Barotseland is never new in matters of self- governance as it governed itself throughout even before the modern governance system of democracy and parliamentary representation came in place.

Bulozi fasi la bondata Luna



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