By Barotseland Broadcasting Network

His majesty the Litunga of Barotseland has again refused to allow the Zambian company which has been transporting Barotse soil to Kapiri mposhi for manufacturing glass bottles and others.

The Litunga has however requested the company to set up its Plant in Barotseland or forget.
He says he wants his people to be employed than wallowing in poverty.

Since independence of Zambia, first president Kenneth Kaunda have been taking Barotse soil to Kapiri mposhi for glass manufacturing.

Ms Inonge Wina also she is in support of the idea of transporting the Barotse soils.

Meanwhile, the Litunga of Barotseland just arrived yesterday from Lusaka where he had been conducting meetings President lungu.



  1. Comment: kunekile lwaitumela kuwena muñaka nikuta yahao ya sope nima nduna kaufela muyoyangwe! malundu aluna lipoho zensu za Naha ya bulozi .isho!

  2. Comment:The matter is straight forward. We are receiving investors who do not want to set up plants but to squat in already existing infrastructures. The raw material is in western province_set up a plant right there for the direct benefit of the indigenous people.


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