His majesty the Litunga of Barotseland has disclosed to his council that he is going to end the exploitation of timber industry in Barotseland. The Litunga is saddened that there is so much illegal dealings in timber and he fears that the forests of Barotseland may end up being finished .

” The Zambian government is benefiting more than we the Kuta and our people. These Chinese people are collaborating with local people to steal and export these timber abroad.
The Katima mulilo boarder is been used as the exit and those boarder officers are also conniving with these people. Zambian government gets about K100,000 per each truck at the Boarder. We need to protect our forests. We need to come up with the proper mechanism in order to stop completely and also start benefiting from our God given natural resources. Even in our Barotseland Agreement of 1964 we categorically stated this forests that it’s only us as the Kuta after consultations with our regions Kutas, chiefdom and local people will be have the say on the forests”. the Litunga said.

The Kuta received the reports of illegal dealings and rampant corruptions in timber business. But the Kuta gave the blind eye since last year. Until the Kaonga Mashi Kuta of Senior Chief Lukama, Lubinda Sekeli started to denounce the exploitation of the timber industry in his chiefdom. Senior Chief Lukama, Lubinda Sekeli is incharge of Sioma and Shangombo districts of Barotseland.

And earlier his year, Zambian Government announced that it was setting up a timber factory processing Plant in Kazungula district instead of Mulobezi or Sesheke where there is abundant of timber. And not only abundant but the centre of all raw materials. Remember even in colonial days the timber industry had a processing plant in Mulobezi district the reason that railway was built in order to transport timber.

In Barotseland, Sioma, Sesheke, Mulobezi, Kaoma, Lukulu, Mongu, Shangombo, Sikongo, Nkeyema, Mitete and Limulunga districts is where timber is being traded heavily on commercially.

Early this year , Zambian government Speaking through its representative when he addressed the management of Sakala community school in kazungula, Southern province minister Dr edify Hamukale disclosed that the proposed timber processing factory will be getting materials from Sioma, sesheke, Kaoma , mongu, Lukulu and Limulunga districts. He also further said that jobs will be created to the local people as employment will be available only to the local people in that area.

By Barotseland Broadcasting Network


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