DR Lubinda Haabazoka (LEFT)

By Zambian Watch

University of Zambia Russian trained economist Lubinda Haabazoka has complained of being left out for the position as Finance Minister by President Edgar Lungu.

President Edgar Lungu last night fired Margaret Mwanakatwe and replaced her with Bank of Zambia Deputy Governor Bwalya Ngandu who is just an industrial Psychologist.

Bwalya Ngandu is not even an economist like Lubinda Haabazoka.

Apparently Edgar Lungu had promised to appoint Haabazoka to be the Finance Minister after all the bootliking he has been doing in support of the PF regime as Economic Association of Zambia President.

But to Habazoka’s surprise, Lungu has instead appointed someone who is not even an economist.

Habazoka was heard complaining last night at UNZA staff canteen where he was drinking with colleagues.

SOURCE: Zambian Watch



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