By zambia Eagle

Lone survivor in a latest action movie called “Clobber Lubinda” has been advised to seek special treatment outside the country after secret scanning shows that he is bleeding internally.


According to the specialists where Lubinda rushed via Kabwata clinic, the attackers targeted the kidneys and blooder. However he pretended as if nothing happened while the pain inside was more severe than Anold Schwarzenegger felt in Commando movie.


Mr Lubinda who is also Justice Minister was yesterday clobbered by combined PF cadres from Inter City and his constituency Kabwata for being rigid and non performing in the area.



The justice Minister rushed to Kabwata Police Station to seek justice before they drove him off to Kabwata clinic where he was given panaldo and rub – on.


The Eagle followed him to a named private clinic where he was advised to quickly seek medical abroad to avoid serious complications from the bleeding. They also advised him to avoid intoxicating liquors in order for blood not to clot.


Meanwhile, Kanganja’s police force is happy and enjoyed the action movie, they wished Lubinda’s legs and hands were broken. -zambia Eagle


  1. Those cadres are Unipn not Pf,Pf cadres are very discipline they cant do such a thing, those are Opposition.Lets wait and See.

  2. People are waiting for your planned game against the opposition that is very focussed on the truth. We should not be surprised that the suspects will be given money to agree that they are from opposition just for the sake of covering your intra-party confusion. If you are serious, ask yourselves when and why should such a thing happen to a minister like Lubinda? Instead you quickly blame those people that are labeled as non-entities while preserving the human nature of a seemingly boss and yet disadvantaging the people. The attack of Lubinda speaks volumes and do not play it down otherwise you are endangering your national freedom rights. Do not limit your freedom of movements in the country as leaders just for the sake or need of money.People are fed up with your minionic human nature.


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