Andrew Lubusha


EASTERN Province PF chairman Andrew Lubusha says he will resign if he fails to deliver the entire province to the ruling party in this year’s general elections.

Lubusha says works in the province speak for him, stressing that he has tripled the ruling party’s membership in the area.

In an interview, he said he had proved that youths have the capacity to deliver.

“I can assure that in August, we are not going to produce any independent member of parliament in Eastern Province. We are not going to produce any opposition councillor or independent councillor. I am going to deliver the entire 162 councillors to the Patriotic Front,” he said. “All the 18 members of parliament to the Patriotic Front. And if I fail to beat that target, mark my words, I will resign on moral grounds. If I fail by less than five per cent I will accept, anything below 95 per cent I will resign.”

Lubusha said during the voter registration exercise his team had prepared the party for victory on August 12.

He said the voter turnout in Eastern Province be the highest in Zambia’s election history.

“Look at the numbers that we have registered in the province. I led the voter registration exercise in the entire province and I stand as a very proud provincial chairman to say I registered as third in the country. It is not easy,” Lubusha said. “Even in the voter turnout, I can pledge that the voter turnout in Eastern Province will be like never before. That I can assure you. We are a working team. We are working with my constituencies, provincial team and the party structures at all levels. We had very few branches in Eastern Province but now we have branches everywhere.”

He said PF was not popular before he became provincial chairman.

Lubusha said his leadership had demonstrated that youths have the capacity to deliver.

“My predecessor gave President Edgar Chagwa Lungu 88,000 votes in his homeland. When I took over as provincial chairman in 2016, we multiplied the number of branches. We increased the number of votes for the President from 88,000 to close to 300,000,” he said. “We only had about five councillors but we increased the number from five councillors to 154 councillors. We had no mayor, we had no council chairperson for the Patriotic Front, now all the council chairpersons and mayors are for the Patriotic Front in Eastern Province.”

Lubusha said he had brought unity in the party and that he would deliver 2021 beyond expectations.

He further said once his mandate ends in 2024, he would not recontest.

“So I don’t know the analysis anybody would make. Before I took the leadership of Eastern Province, there was confusion in Eastern Province. There were a lot of factions, we had infights everyday but there is now sanity,” said Lubusha. “We had constituencies that had two committees. When you say Chipata Central committee stand up, you have 48 people standing up; two chairmen standing up but all that is gone. We have brought unity – we have brought order in the province. We have delivered above expectations. I was given a target to deliver when I was appointed as a provincial chairman and I beat that target with almost 50,000 voters.”



  1. Continue dreaming my dear friend Lubusha Andrew. You think everyone in Eastern Province is enjoying like yourself and your fellow PF thieves. Wait and see real loss for you your party of plunderers of public resources and now expired drugs being flooded in health institutions. Only fools will vote for your party.


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