“”With all the love and respect in my heart I would like to speak on the recent “Proposed Dress code ” by the Ministry of Religion.

I might have kept silent IF the Minister had not come up with an “explanation”.
As someone who has heard first hand from girls and women that have suffered sexual abuse AND as I have experienced attempted rape around the age of 11 whilst dressed DECENTLY. I really am baffled by the statement. I really thought this ministry ESPECIALLY would be more in touch with reality. A man will still rape a fully dressed baby or a woman who is “decently” dressed.

Why aren’t your energies focused on creating laws that harshly punish the abusers? We know the system has let go of so many offenders and pass lenient sentences. We have seen the system give prominent positions to offenders who go on to continue their twisted ways.

Why further oppress women of their freedom to wear want they want. Or is it because men in Zambia are superior to women?

Here’s an idea… Create programs for young men from a tender age that will teach men to RESPECT girls and women. Work on changing some of the disgusting cultures that further encourage perpetrators to believe they can do whatever they feel like to a woman.
Will things change immediately NO, but it will definitely help to to , as you say “reduce sexual offences”.
With Love
Lulu Haangala-Wood



  1. A victim of rape is in no position to know what caused the perpetrator to rape her. If you want know the cause please ask men, since all men are potential rapists.

  2. CK , In your trying to address the issue don’t insult men to say ALL men are potential rapists.Yes some men are not ALL
    The question is to find out from the MEN who rape, why they did that.
    If am married and my wife never denies me her body and am satisfied sexually, why would I go and try to force my penis into a strange vagina which I don’t even know the health status? The consequence of being convicted is from 10 years to life imprisonment.
    Why lose my freedom for 2 second orgasm in an unprepared vagina?

  3. Rape is a phycological illness and all it needs is phycological treatment.just equip this old fashioned hospitals with proper diagnosis equipment and health personal, introduce proper recreational facilities that will help teach and transform young girls and boys.hmm….lets not even start arguing about what has already been researched.this is the problem with us Zambians,we tend to waste time on things that already have answers (shame) madam? Just focus on real issues that are affecting this nation.looking at the fact that you are the closest person to those so called ministers,why don’t you seat them down band talk to them on issues of morality,look around you,how many ministers have indulged in elicit behavior?(countless) and how many have stolen from the poor masses?some are abusing alcohol in cabinet. How many have killed innocent people?and right now as we speak some are still sleeping with other people’s under age children and other people’s wives and won’t continue showing and telling people how irrelevant you ministry is if that be the case then resign on moral grounds yourself if you really mean baffles me to know that you are even going to get a gratuity at the end of your term knowing that this country has orphanages and less privileged that go to bed on an empty stomach.


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