The unraveling situation in Malawi is an internal matter for which Zambia cannot intervene.

Clearly, sovereignty must be observed and upheld.

We cannot be seen to be taking a side without risking becoming irrelevant in the end.

The People of Malawi have the right to chart their own political discourse without outside interference.

Zambia’s complicity role in the maize scam dampened our close ties with Malawi. Those who are observant will note that the relationship between President Lungu and the government of Malawi have been at the lowest ebb following Mrs Dora’s Siliya’s involvement in that Maize dodgy deal in which Malawi lost a colossal sum of money and led to the unceremonious sacking of senior officials in the government of Malawi.

Zambia’s hands are tied whether as SADC chair for defence and security or indeed in any other capacity.

Our dirty deals have ruled us out of the political equation to arbitrate.

Therefore it is premature to suggest that Mr Lungu as chair of SADC for defence and security intervene in the unraveling events in Malawi.

We have lost our pedestal moral high ground in Malawi.
Nason Msoni
President APC
All peoples Congress.


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