Brebner Changala

BREBNER Changala says it is a shame that President Edgar Lungu and his cohort are committing crimes in the name of the Bemba-speaking people and those from the Eastern Province.

Changala, a governance activist, notes that it has been “a rough ride” for Tongas under the PF administration.

Last Thursday, chief government spokesperson and information minister Dora Siliya addressed journalists at her office in Lusaka at a joint media briefing with home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo.

At the briefing, Siliya said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema should donate his generator to ‘Bweengwa Hospital’ in Southern Province, instead of Chawama which already had a ‘capable’ member of parliament.

Hichilema hails from Bweengwa, a constituency in the western part of Monze district.

Hichilema had wanted to donate a generator at the deprived Chawama Level One Hospital in Lusaka in view of constant power outages.

But the hospital management declined the donation due to government threats.

Changala called The Mast on Sunday and said: “it’s a Dora fallacy that HH must donate a genset in Bweengwa where he comes from.”

He said it seemed that Zambians were being taken for granted by those in the PF government.

“The tribalism in PF is beyond description, it is smelly. When a PF cadre from South Africa donates mealie-meal to the Vice-President’s Office and the ceremony is held at the PF secretariat in full glare of the press, it is a good act by a patriotic Zambian, more especially if a donor comes from a recognised and acceptable region of Zambia,” Changala said.

“[But] when a gift is given by the opposition and more especially if that opposition donor is coming from a region that the PF does not recognise or accept, then it’s a show-off donation.”

He underscored that in a normal society where there were morals, Siliya would not be fit to be a leader in the government.

“Dora Siliya says ‘we do not accept gifts that are given under the glare of the press and that the donor must donate to their own people.’ They see everything with tribal eyes and that is banditry,” Changala charged.

“Dora Siliya, like many of her colleagues in Cabinet, including President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, is not fit to be a leader in this country. These people are hardcore tribalists!”

Changala added that the PF administration was a true reflection of a leadership that was unpatriotic, destructive and one that had lost its mandate.

“Their hatred for the Tonga-speaking people is unacceptable, yet it’s the agenda they push day in, day out. Look at the composition of Mr Lungu’s Cabinet! It only represents northern, eastern Zambia and part of the Copperbelt,” he complained.

“Look at the composition of Mr Lungu’s recently reshuffled permanent secretaries! They are from northern and eastern Zambia.”

Changala regretted that there was no effort or conscience to tribally balance the PF administration’s appointments so as to accommodate all ethnic groups.

“It’s a shame that President Edgar Lungu and many of his cohorts are committing crimes in the name of the Bemba-speaking people and in the name of our colleagues from Eastern Province. I must say it as a northerner that it does not represent my interest in the destruction of national unity which has been there since 1964,” Changala said.

“This government is engaged into criminal, selfish parameters. A true leader will not behave openly in the manner Dora Siliya is behaving. A true leader will not behave in the manner the President of the Republic of Zambia Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu is conducting himself.”

He stressed that President Lungu had destroyed national unity, “which has brought us together under the banner of ‘One Zambia, One Nation.’

“He has also destroyed our economy [and] our society,” he noted.

Changala reiterated that the PF government had no mandate or legitimacy to continue leading Zambia.

“I have been requesting but now I demand that we have early elections so that we reset ourselves and these tribalists need to seek a fresh mandate to see whether the people of Zambia do indeed support their conduct and many criminal activities that they are doing in our name,” he said.

“We need an early election; we cannot continue on this path.”

Meanwhile, Changala said: “To the Tongas, I must say it has been a rough ride under the PF administration.

“They have been humiliated and ostracised by this administration. But you’ll soon be free – it’s a matter of time. You’ll be part of us and we shall rejoice together, once again. Don’t give up! This has been a rough ride!” noted Changala.



  1. No sane Zambian doesn’t know the tribalism practised by the PF government. It’s not only the maTonga who are marginalised but all the Zambians who don’t belong to the Bemba and Nyanja groups. But let the heartless and corrupt PF leaders know that they are foolishly sowing seeds which may produce disastrous consequences for the nation. Civil wars and insurgencies have occurred and still do occur in some parts of the world because of treating some sections of a nation as second class citizens. We don’t want this to happen in Zambia.


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