By Sara Imutowana Yeta II


In 2010, Lungu had his law practicing licence suspended by the Law Association of Zambia.

The question is why?

He was found guilty of professional misconduct after stealing close to K37, 000.00 from a Ms Wendy Kanyanta.

This horrendous act of treachery and criminal behaviour is the clearest representation of Lungu’s thieving character.

Put simply, Lungu is a thief ready to exploit even the most vulnerable groups in our society such as women.

Therefore, the Mukula smuggling scandal report released by the Environmental Investigation Agency, implicating him, his daughter Tasila, Justice Minister Given Lubinda, and his Lands counterpart Jean Kapata, is one of the few substantiations that Lungu is a thief running a kleptocracy.

It is because of Lungu’s stealing behaviour that today we have a government with disgustingly corrupt leaders using their power to exploit public resources to extend their personal wealth and political powers.

Even a chicken in Shangombo or Mvubwi knows that Lungu is running a government system whose primary mission is to steal public funds at the expense of the citizens.

Many people would agree with me that Chiluba was a thief but Lungu is not only a thief but he is running a government of corrupt politicians who are using their political power to receive bribes, kickbacks, and special favours at the expense of the populace.

We have never in the history of this country have had a regime run by leaders whose main and only mission is to direct public resources to themselves, relatives and cronies.

Lungu has killed external oversight over the use of public resources to enable him steal like Mobutu Sese Seko and Sani Abacha who plundered billion dollars of public funds.

Even then, he is still not satisfied with what he has looted so far that he wants to pass Bill 10 so that he can control both the supply of public funds and the means of disbursal for those funds.

The national treasury has been completely used up because he treats the treasury as a source of personal wealth, spending funds on luxury items and overindulgences such as buying a G650 Gulfstream jet and getting as he sees fit.

There is evidence how Lungu and his buddies are secretly transferring public funds into hidden personal numbered bank accounts in foreign countries.

Together with his cronies they are securing their loot in assets and investments within more stable jurisdictions, where it is stored for personal use.

They have taken advantage of the Western kleptocratic financial system by exploiting legal and financial loopholes to facilitate transnational money laundering.

Lungu’s thieving regime is a sure indication of a collapsing country.

It is because of stealing that within a short time Lungu has moved from being a church rat to a billionaire.

Lungu must go. We cannot afford to have a situation where the whole economy is based on looting, robbery and plundering public resources.

The kind of plunder in Lungu’s regime is only found in war torn countries where leaders simply drain their countries as long as they are assets.

The FIC released the 2018 money laundering/terrorist financing trends report revealed that Zambia incurred losses estimated at K6.1 billion linked to financial crimes such as Tax evasion, fraud, corruption and money laundering activities.

This FIC report did not come as a surprise because we have a government of thieves led by thieves.

If Lungu’s thieving regime is not stopped, he will completely ruin prospects of foreign investment and severely weaken the domestic market and cross-border trade.

He will also further and heavily debase the quality of life for citizens because his regime is stealing money from citizens by misusing funds derived from tax payments and loans.

Besides, the money they are stealing by overpricing projects is from funds earmarked for public amenities such as the building of quality schools, hospitals, roads that has further adverse effects on the quality of life of citizens.

Having stolen so much, Lungu and his allies are ready subvert democracy.

They are ready through Bill 10 to exploit the electoral processes to remain in power and continue their plundering spree of public resources.

In addition, they want to remain in power at all costs because they are afraid of prosecution for public financial crimes.

Let us say no to Lungu’s kleptocracy where leaders freely plunder public resources by kicking him out of power in 2021.



  1. Comment:What was the conclusion and final verdict on Lungu’s case? Why is he not in prison in prison? Conlude your story by telling us what really happened and why his licence was reinstated by LAZ otherwise the story is incompletely immaculate.


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