Lungu is Corrupt! Kambwili.

Lusaka. 18.07.2019.

NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili says President Edgar Lungu is corrupt.

Dr. Kambwili says Mr. Lungu is not sincere when he says he abohors corruption.

He has challenged the Head of state to justify how he has acquired his wealth within a short period of time in office.

Dr. Kambwili says the recent remark by Mr. Lungu that he doesn’t know how to steal is laughable.

The NDC leader wants Mr. Lungu to explain how the the law Association of Zambia LAZ grabbed his law practicing licence on account of stealing from a poor widow.

He adds that because Mr. Lungu is corrupt, civil servants are now following suit.

He has expressed regret on revelations that investigative wings are pursuing a civil servant who has allegedly built 56 houses from laundered money.

And Dr. Kambwili has welcomed the dismissal of Margaret Mwanakatwe as Finance Minister.

He said Mrs. Mwanakatwe’s appointment as Finance Minister was a wrong choice.

And Dr. Kambwili says the newly appointed Finance Minister Bwalya Ngandu is likely to fail in his new positing.

He has however urged Dr. Ngandu to work hard and recucitate the Zambian economy.

He has implored Dr. Ngandu to look after the poor people.

The NDC leader said this in an interview with journalists today at the Lusaka magistrates Court.

@Courtesy. NDC Media Department.


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