WHEN we say Zambia needs a sober leadership this is exactly what we mean. How on earth the whole President will adress the 17 million plus Zambians on Facebook and offering huge amount of taxpayers money to whoever has information of those criminals gassing people in their homes.

Basically, police through Bonny Kapeso and Charity Katanga told the nation that they are clossing on to prime gassing suspects on the the Copperbelt but up to now there is no comprehensive statement from the dual.

Edgar Lungu’s K250, 000 offer is a mockery to Zambian people because the Police do have a good number of suspected ritual killers in detention to help them to do some preliminary investigations. Does it mean that Edgar has no confidence in Zambia Police for him to jump into that huge offer?

Moreover, Jean Kapata is on record of saying she has information of suspected ritual killers, let the Police build their investigations from that failure to that they should resign for failing to execute their duties professionally.

As if it’s not enough of angering affected people, Police said the results of chemical those genetically modified idiots suspected ritual killers are using is known but it will not be reviewed to general for apparently no concrete reason. Those gassed are affected and it may have long time effect in their lives hence they need to know for better treatment.

The offer is a slap to citizens unless if Lungu is telling Zambians that all investigations has failed.

Zemoono Moono aka Zee Fixer


  1. It is reasonable under the circumstances that reason the PF police are hiding the name of the gassing chemical is that the chemical is normally available only to military personnel or to the intelligence service. Revealing the name of this chemical will be revealing the truth behind the gassing and exposing the PF as the culprits behind thes satanic activities of gassing people in their homes. What a government we have!!
    Their is no way that 2 months down the line all 5 security wings of govt have failed to get to the bottom of this matter. Who can believe it?
    Diehard criminals who are able to carry out crimes while heavily armed have been silenced by security system. How come these petty criminals carrying only a comparatively harmless gass that does not even need treatment after you are gassed, cannot be cleared by the same security system? Bane, something fishy here. If those in power are themselves criminals and live in fear of losing power, as a citizen you should worry. REMEMBER THE ZERO OPTION OPERATION A FEW DACADES AGO.
    We need to unite.


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