By Oliver Chisenga in Chifunabuli

CHISHIMBA Kambwili says President Edgar Lungu’s regret that he fired him based on hearsay shows that his reasoning is not well.

Addressing residents of Chinkutila ward in Chifunabuli on Saturday, Kambwili said President Lungu’s confession that he wrongly fired him from his ministerial job showed that the act was a foolish undertaking.

Kambwili was in Luapula to drum up support for National Democratic Congress candidate Mecksedeck Mwewa in the February 12 Chinkutila ward by-election.

After the Anti-Corruption Commission arrested minister of Infrastructure & Housing Minister Ronald Chitotela, political pundits called on President Lungu to fire him.

But in response, shortly before he left for Sesheke to drum support for the Sesheke Central parliamentary candidate Dean Musule in the February 12 by- election,

President Lungu said he would not fire or suspend Chitotela.

“Honorable Chitotela is a suspect in the eyes of the law enforcement agencies, and a suspect can be arrested. They have chosen to arrest Honourable Chitotela. He is a suspect, they have to prove the charges in the Courts of Law,” he said.

President Edgar Lungu said he would not interfere with the investigative wings and that they were free to arrest whoever they perceive to be a suspect or is suspected to have committed any offence.

But President Lungu regretted that he lost Kambwili following recommendation from ACC.

“Remember how I lost Chishimba Kambwili. They came to me (law enforcement agencies) and said he was not cooperating and was being vulgar to them. I removed him. But up-to now, we are waiting for the ACC, DEC and those that brought allegations against him to prove the allegations on that basis. So do you want me to lose Honourable Chitotela on that basis again, I am saying no,” he said.

He said Both Chitotela and Chishimba Kambwili are deemed innocent before the law until proven otherwise in court.

“Those who are calling for the removal of Honorable Chitotela now, I say no; give me space. And if you look at the Bill of Rights article 18, as far I am concerned, Honorable Chitotela is innocent, even Chishimba Kambwili is innocent.”

“Mwalyumfwa Lungu ndamweba ati niwe kabolala, ngaulefwaya wise unjikate. Pakumweba ati kabolala nshakaleke nkafwilapo pantu mungo.

Intungulushi nga shalaibila abalanda, nga muleiba kuchalo ninshi muleibila abalanda.

Mwalimona ati ine ambepeshe pantu alentinafye, antamfya ati ba Kambwili baliba corrupt bampishamo mufifungo, bantwala uku noku bayasangafye ati mwana Kambwili wakaele…fwe Babemba tatwalepa minwe tubombeshafye (I always called Lungu a thief and challenged him to arrest me if I am lying. I will never stop calling him a thief because that’s what he is. When leaders steal from the country, the poor become poorer. He lied about me being corrupt because he was scared of me and he fired me from government. They took me to the police but they found that I was innocent. We, Bembas, don’t steal, we just work hard),” Kambwili said.

The PF rebel Roan member of parliament however said he had forgiven President Lungu and that he will pray for him

“Mwamona umwine aya pa Airport chamukola, efyo Lesa abomba ayasokolola ati awe Kambwili bambepelefye namutamfishe uwabula umulandu. Nomba umuntu nga alanda filya ekwishiba ukutila takwata ukutontonkanya kwine kwine. Pantu ine umuntu nga aisa mbepa ati Maria tomfwa mfwile nemwine nafwailikisha nga chine chine Maria tomfwa elo nshilamukanda…nomba uwaisafye ati chite chite watamfya elo papita five years ati iyo namubepeshefye balya ebo tutila muchi Bemba ati bawelewele, nomba ine nalibelela.

Ine ba Lungu nalibelela…(you see he went to the airport, the way God works, on his own he said I was misled on Kambwili and fired him without any proved case against him. Now a person who speaks like that just know that he is not reasoning well. Because for, if one comes and tells me that Maria is misbehaving, I will have to investigate on my own before I punish her. Not where anyone who comes to report something, you fire and after five years to say I acted wrongly. Such people are what we call in Bemba useless. But I have forgiven them; I have forgiven President Lungu). All I can say to him is that ‘Go deeper Papa’ so that the country can know the truth about my innocence,” Kambwili said.

He told the residents that if he was corrupt, President Lungu’s government would have jailed him already.

And Kambwili further lamented that President Lungu’s reasoning was that of a thief.

He added that the PF should be whipped out of power and government with the use of a vote in 2021.

He urged Zambians to wake up and embrace him to clean the nation.

“A government that does not care for the welfare of its citizens is a foolish government. Amano bakwete ba Lungu imitontonkanisho yabo yabu kabwalala (Lungu’s reasoning is that of a thief). Get a whip and whip PF and Lungu out of government, teach them a lesson. Shibukeni, bukeni bamunyinane Imbwili naisa (wake up my brothers and sisters),” Kambwili pleaded with the people.

He wondered what people saw that warrants President Lungu to be in office when his only record was that of having stolen K39,000 from a widow.

After addressing the first meeting in Kapundu, Kambwili and his entourage moved to Shikamushile where he found party members and residents eagerly waiting for him.

At Shikamushile once again lamented that governance was marred with confusion and kindergarten acts.




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