JOSEPHS Akafumba says President Edgar Lungu’s hate for Hakainde Hichilema is visible in the neglect of Southern, Western and North Western provinces. The NDC vice-president charges that President Lungu hates anything associated with Hichilema “and now the list has grown to add Chishimba Kambwili and Dr Fred M’membe.”

In an interview, Akafumba said President Lungu had highly neglected the people of Southern Province on account of their support for Hichilema. The former justice permanent secretary warned that southerners would die of hunger if the government does not intervene.

“We have noticed that the PF has highly neglected the people of Southern Province. The people are in need of relief food and a lot have cried out for help and yet the government is silent,” he said. “Where it has given food it is as good as an insult. How does one survive on a 10 kg [12.5kg] bag of mealie-meal? An average family in rural Zambia comprises of more than six members. The PF is a disaster and great letdown to Zambians.”

Akafumba said apart from neglecting the drought-stricken areas of Southern Province, the PF had also neglected other areas where it lost to the UPND in 2016.

He charged that President Lungu’s hate for UPND leader Hichilema can be seen through the neglect of “these areas in terms of development.”

“Go to Western, North-Western and other areas where Mr Lungu lost, these are highly neglected,” he said. “The man really hates anything associated with HH and now the list has grown to add Chishimba Kambwili and Dr Fred M’membe. He [President Lungu] hates anyone associated with these people. But we’ve got comfort to note that 2021 is fast approaching. Zambians have a chance to redeem themselves. We on the other hand will help to offer the best alternative to that which they have experienced under the brutal PF regime.”

Akafumba said with the country’s vast resources, Zambians should not wallow in poverty or be subjected to high unemployment rates.

“If we properly harness the resources that God has given us we cannot be poor. We can’t be poverty-stricken. But under the PF, these resources are only for the privileged few at State House,” said Akafumba.


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