PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says Constitutional Amendment Bill Number 10 does not give him authority to stay in power forever, but intends to cure the lacunas existing in the current national document.

The Head of State said this yesterday (Friday) when he met traditional leaders in Livingstone as part of his two days working tour in Southern Province that concludes on Saturday.

President Lungu said the bill wants to correct among other issues the resolution of succession disputes that have characterized chiefdoms, some of which have led to death.
He said anyone can claim to be chief with the current constitution because it does not give clear guidelines on the resolution of chiefdom disputes, including land boundaries.
Meanwhile, President Lungu has called on traditional leaders to compel their Members of Parliament to engage government on their behalf.

President Lungu said members of parliarment walking out of parliament and refusing to engage government is disadvantaging their electorates from benefiting from the national cake.
Credit: Byta FM



  1. The very fact he is heavily involved in pushing for the infamous bill 10 is good evidence bill 10 has intrinsic personal value to Edgar lungu and not to us all. Since when did a whole president begin to go round the country to advocate for a parliamentary bill? It arouses more attention. Bill 10 must be rejected 1 trillion percent. Edgar Lungu is evil, means evil, and is everything evil. You can’t take a step as an individual or a collective, however small, to give extra power to an evil devilish person like Edgar Lungu. You can’t do that. It is like lighting a bush that connects to your farm just b4 the harvest. The burning bush will light up your field and burn all your crop. Now the evil Edgar Lungu comes to your home there in Southern Province to beg you to light fire to bushes connected to your farms! And you want to accept that. If Lungu is under attack and is running away from some Lion or whatever beast or ghost about to devour him, plz do not offer help, run away from him, or the Lion will eat you instead. You Southern Province Chiefs, are you ready to go down history as the FOOLISH CHIEFS THAT ALLOWED THE DEVIL TO EXTEND ITS RULE IN ZAMBIA? if Lungu will die should bill 10 fail, what problem is it to you when an evil, a very evil man dies? Is it not time to cerebrate? Come on chiefs. You can’t do that. Let Lungu sort out his own problems. Do not sympathize with him. Lungu is just facing Karma, REPERCURSIONS, the returns of what he has been doing to others. Do not stand in the way of karma, you will be bruised. Let Lungu face the music of the tune he fabricated when we gave him the opportunity to become president of Zambia.


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