Prophet Isaac Amata

Nigerian born Prophet Isaac Amata who has been in good terms with the Patriotic Front Government has predicted that President Edgar Lungu will transform Zambia like heaven after winning 2021 General Elections.

Meanwhile Prophet Stephered M Mesala a Zambian born has laughed at the prophecy by charging that it is false.

Amata who predicted that Zambia was going to be the next Dubai in Africa in 2018 has released a prophecy saying President Edgar Lungu will win in 2021 and make Zambia more like heaven.

According to Prophet Isaac Amata, Zambians must not waste their time voting for the Opposition Political parties because Edgar Lungu is the chosen one beyond 2021.

“I want to say this, It is done, the Opposition in Zambia have no chance, His Excellency President Edgar Lungu will win 2021 General Elections and transform Zambia more like heaven. He is the chosen one. The Prophet of God ha spoken ” he said.

And when contacted for a comment, Zambian born Prophet Stepherd M Mesala who advised Amata to sober up has laughed at the prophecy and said Amata must be ignored and not be taken seriously.

Prophet Stephered M Mesala who has also given a prophecy that Edgar Lungu has no chance in 2021 has said the prophecy given by Prophet Amata is a mockery.

“First and foremost, I don’t know what my brother is trying to achieve, You can not compare heaven to any country in the world. People must stop mocking God. Is Amata the same prophet who said Zambia was going up be a Dubai in Africa in 2018?. This must tell you something about his character and prophecies.” Prophet Stephered M Mesala said.

“Ignore that prophecy and let people concetrate of the Good gospel we preach. Let that prophet stop comparing heaven to Zambia ” he advised.


  1. who do we follow? This one says Lungu will win another one says he will not win? Do these Prophets hear from the same God? obviously not. Remember, prophecy is consistence with the nature of God. God is a God of Justice, love, faithfulness, etc. if anything comes along, contrary to God’s character, just know that it has come from another source or another god. Remember, there are many gods

  2. How possible is it that a country on earth can reach Heavenly status? Am not a prophet but I can see that Amata is way out of this world. He’s on a personal mission to make money and being used by someone equally lost


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