THE great prophet who once prophesied about the incarceration of the opposition political leader in Zambia Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his eventual push to go in as president, who also later declared that his prophecy had reached 85% to its fulfilment has now declared that “The Push Is Here!” as he explains what will now follow the turn of events.


“From today, expect three cabinet ministers resigning from president Edgar Lungu’s government citing the same obvious reasons which i will not tell you because you know already.

In the realm of the Spirit, i beheld and i saw the number one, number one man panicking and complaining bitterly to those close to him and accuse them that they are masterminding him to make wrong decisions in order for the citizens to raise against him.

There was hot exchange of words and threats that the election rigging formulas will be spilled so that all of them face jail when they leave power. The number one man panicked all the more and he reached on a final decision to just resign and he did resign.

Quick preparations were made and the presidential election was called, the RED object won in that election and there was celebration countrywide that included the civil servants and some members of the losing party.

Let no man resist this prophecy, because its for the benefit of the people of Zambia. Shalom, Shalom, Shalom! THE PUSH IS HERE! “-prophet Bushiri Shammah.




  1. Bushiri is an evil spirit which should stay away from Zambia. He represents only himself. Kalaba keep away from such a man. You are a good man without this fake.

    • You are the one who is evil not Bushiri Lungu should resign to pave way for investigations.WHOSE INTEREST IS HE SAVING IN STATE HOUSE???? HIS OWN AND HIS FELLOW THIEVES!!!!

  2. lekeni kaleya nakonaula ichalo ka mambala!! new government please deport all those chinese parading as supervisers and let us plant back mukula tree if there are seeds somewhere. let zambia be green as before. we maintain the cleanliness and educate people in the compounds to be responsible of their surroundings, make drainages and upgrade soweto market inner roads

  3. I once read on this site sometime back that Kalaba and bushiri were business partners.
    That was when bushiri was trying to force his way into Zambia but denied access.
    So bushiri keep your unGodly fake evil prophecies to yourself

  4. Hopefully Inoge wina will retire from public office and go far away as Mongu and never show her ugly ignorant face in Lusaka again.

  5. I am really surprised to note that there are some people still supporting Lungu?????How much has he given you to remain silly after all this plunder????Be ashamed of yourselves and stop pretending idiots..LUNGU stole votes and he is in state house illegally and should face treason charges soon after he leaves state house!!!Lungu should just resign and yes resign Lungu you are a waste of time and space in state house!!!!please leave you never won thank you

  6. @sharon .
    Your opinion of a situation is yours and Everyone is entitled to their own opinions too .
    Your cannot think for others as you for certain are not the most intelligent person .
    So you do not have to insult those who do not go along with your line of thought for whatever reason.

    • Yes MDit is my opinion but nauseating to find useless people supporting a thief so they need a telling off to pump some brain in them so that they start Think by positively

  7. After stealing the 2016 Elections and involving himself in massive Corruption Lungu has no moral and political Authority to Rule Zambia. He is illegitimate and clinging to State House illegally. At this rate of Corruption in his govt Lungu will be forced to resign or either allow the UPND Petition to be heard or call for New Elections which he will lose badly. Lungu is between a Rock and a Hard Place. In 2018 something must give becoz Lungu cannot carry on like this.

  8. There is too much nonsense in this media. Insulting is the only way of criticising other other people with different. This is rubbish and an archaic type of politics. Shame to those who insult elders as they will not enter the kingdom of God

  9. Please ; Do not address Lungu as president – we can not have a man as president who belongs to the underworld in all is dealings ! Kalaba and all those who support him are simply creatures from outer space ! Zambia has gone to the dogs , No I say ,, dogs have come to Zambia , to destroy and leak every drop of blood from every dying Zambian. Kalaba , CK and their ndc are a recipe for irreparable divisions and disaster for our motherland . Wait & see . Wake up Zambians .

  10. Bushiri should say that Lungu will be forced to resign by circumstances beyond his control. His illegitimacy arising from the Stolen,Disputed and Petitioned 2016 Elections, High Levels of Corruption in his PF Govt and Rebellion in his PF Party will eventually force Lungu out of Power. Lungu has No Moral and Political Authority to Rule Zambia anymore. He is illegitimate and illegally clinging to State House for now but for how long? Lungu has No mandate from the People and his Party to continue staying in State House.

  11. People of Zambia should listen to the prophecy of truth. I am not a prophet but when I woke up on 5 January 2018 God directed me to read various versions of the Bible translations and didnt know why . My mind zeroed on the Political situation in Zambia and I told my wife to read 2Chronicles chapter 20 verse 20 which explains how people of Judah and Jerusalem were led into war. She chose a New American standard Bible and read as follows: ” They rose early in the morning and went out in the wilderness of Tekoa; and when they went out,Jehoshaphat stood and said “Listen to me,oh Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem, put your trust in the Lord your God,and you will be established. Put your trust in His Prophets and you shall succeed.
    I thanked God for leading me to this Scripture and asked myself how Zambia would be soon with such revelation. I went ahead to read other versions and when I opened to read the social media ,I was extremely surprised to learn what our own prophet Sunday Sinyangwe prophesized and what Malawian prophet Bushiri was saying .I asked myself what a coincidence that could be to my earlier direct I he to read 2 chronicles chapter 20 verse 20 .I am a strong follower of TB Joshua ministries as an ordinary believer . However the political scenario in Zambia ever since the 2016 August elections troubled me immensely especially after the deception by PF to rig the election outcomes. I hate PF for not allowing democracy to flourish .Coupled with corruption and massive theft of the meager resources which were supposed to help the poor made the situation quite explosive to accept and ignited more vigour to fight more for my Motherland Barotseland to break away from the toxic political climate of the broken down Zambia .It is now my prayer to see Barotseland rule itself as was before 1964 when all institutions of government were managed with great sense of responsibility void of corruption and theft while singing its national Anthem with pride “Bulozi fasi “.

  12. I forced myself to go back to sleep, but another vision came and saw my late Army good friend’s plot near Jack compound in the periphery of the zambia intelligence mast being surrounded by squatters and I was annoyed how such a beautiful plot could be surrounded by ramshackles because he was no more .I drove past in disbelief and immediately woke up. The meaning of all this is not explained to me yet.

    • The Vp can’t rule alone when the revelation is that the whole elections were a fraud. Everyone goes to hail including the VP for a treasonous effence.

  13. Nothing to do with prophecy, but the fact is that people have suffered enough. We can’t all be caders in order to eat. You guys in government want us to support you but you are just there for your bellies.

  14. Only blind, gullible and nincompoops believe in false prophets…Bushiri is a liar, a conman, a failed project in his own right…wasting time…seeking attention…
    I wish Bushiri meets Jesus and gets transformed.

  15. Is this really from Bushiri? If so, does it mean God doesn’t know that the Zambian constitution states that if the President resigns, the vice president(Inonge) will assume office. There can be no presidential election in Zambia until 2021, unless the election of Lungu is nullified by the courts. This prophecy in my opinion false and mare wishful thinking.

  16. I support constructive debates not insulting one another guys. Ba Sharon please tone down. We may differ outside but we remain children of God. I condemn the corruption of course.

  17. Who voted for Lungu ? Was it bushiri or the people of Zambia. Why do you want to demonize someone who was democratically elected? GOD does not like jealous people and he canes those that stand in other people’s ways.ok wait your time will come , dont impose yourselves.

  18. The purpose of any government is NOT to subdue the Opposition Parties rather to maintain society by its status aqua by securing the inherent and inalienable rights of human beings, protection of the natural resources for the good of society, promoting the safety and happiness of its society. Protecting theses rights from violation is the core, primary obligation of any government. Government is made by human beings where as GOD create the nation. The leadership of government shall have consent of the people. But priests are chosen by GOD without the consent of the people. It is not the people who choose priests, but it is the people who make and choose leaders of government. Any leader who has chosen himself is indeed a dictator. So the creator has every right to change their own creation in order to suit society’s need. Therefore, a government is not a thief, but a servant of the people because it is their creation to suit their needs.
    Any servant that chooses to steal, the law must no doubt visit such a worker at the earliest time.
    Any government made now, must work towards the idea that the next government should be much better than the former without jealousy. This insures society, better living standards and oppressive tendencies are outlawed for a just society. Any government that departs from these norms is NOT a government, but a GANG of people (or lupines) with dangerous negative motives of destroying society when society is fervently fighting hard in creating a just one. The GANG is busy promoting selfishness, jealous, bigamy, convetuousiness, promoting insencious apetate of greediness.
    It is a pit that such a GANG does not realize that man is a thinking animal. No oppressive tendencies shall deter man or woman. The thinking animal spirit which distinguishes man or woman as a rational being is incapable of being destroyed; it is a special part of the psyche which in turn is the force that animates the human body. It has value and potential that can be converted into useful work which is effective in the formal cause of objectivity of the final just society. Therefore, it has a purpose, and no one can kill it, it always carries with it the means to achieve this end of just society of living in a society governed by laws and customs in the process of promoting the life of virtues which is the social nature of all human beings.

  19. Today is 11th of January 2020. 2 years from when the alleged prophesy was done, Lungu has not resigned now. This prophesy might have not come from Bushiri as I said it (see above)

  20. If PF win election in southern province I can agree that the elections were legit…but it is very clear even for blind to see.. Zambia has 10 provide.. Northern , estern, luapula and munchinga all voted for PF…let UPND campaign in these provinces instead of lying that they hav stolen his votes……otherwise I can see UPND crying again..One tribe alone cannot make you win election.


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