DEMOCRATIC Party president Harry Kalaba has observed that Zambia has been stained by the scourge of corruption.

Meanwhile, Kalaba, a former foreign affairs minister, says President Edgar Lungu’s jogging every Saturday is not necessarily for physical fitness but to simply ‘shake up’ consumed sausages and beef.

Kalaba also stresses that hunger is devastating Zambians.

He was speaking, in Icibemba, on Lusaka’s Kwithu radio’s Nkani yatu programme yesterday.

“Cino calo nacikowela kuma fisakanwa pantu amafisakanwa yatampila kubakalamba kumulu (this country is stained by corruption because corruption starts from the top leadership),” Kalaba said.

“There is hunger in this country but the leadership that we have is not starving. You see the President going to jog every Saturday. Kulya ukubutuka tekweba ati ni jogging iyakutila balefwaya ukuba fit (that kind of running does not amount to real jogging for physical fitness).”

He said the President’s weekend jogging session was a mockery to citizens overwhelmed with hunger.

“Kulya ukubutuka kwakufwanta ifima sausage, fima beef fikale bwino mumala pakutila baye babikemo nafimbi (that jogging is for simply aiding sausages and beef to be nicely positioned in the stomach before another meal). Jogging iya fit tulamona ifyo imoneka, teilya (we see how real jogging, unlike that one),” Kalaba mocked.

“Teti wishibe ati kuli insala mucalo kaili fyakushimikilwa pantu bena balelya (you can’t know that there is hunger in the country because it’s like a fairytale to you – them are eating).”

Kalaba lamented that the only people who were currently enjoying in Zambia were those who belonged to the ruling PF.

“Nga tauli PF muli cino calo teti ube business man (you can’t be a businessman in this country if you are not a PF sympathiser,” he noted.

He further pointed out that: “ishi ntungulushi tukwete nishi nkoma matwi (these leaders we have are ‘ear-blocked’ – they don’t listen to advice”).

Kalaba linked incalculable poverty in Zambian homes to having an uncaring government.

“When we go into the government, within the first one year every woman in Zambia will have a title deed. Once we financially empower women, then Zambia would have developed,” Kalaba assured.

Asked to rate Lungu’s presidency, Kalaba responded that: “would I have resigned if the PF government was performing well? I wouldn’t have resigned!”

Kalaba also noted that Zambia has never receded, as the case is today.

“We have never been to this level where these people have taken us to. Tuli mu last (we are at the last point)” complained Kalaba.



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