A 39 year old man of Lusaka yesterday (Monday) divorced his wife in the Kanyama Local Court after Seer 1 congratulated him for having a wife who sleeps with other men without his knowledge. According to Mr MARVIN MWANSA, he first doubted Seer One’s remarks against his wife on 20th June 2020.

The facts are that during his live broadcast on Facebook on 20th June 2020, Mr Mwansa used derogatory language against Seer One who responded by congratulating him for having a woman who cheats on him regularly while he remained comfortable.

At first, Mr Mwansa said he doubted Seer One’s response but decided to conduct his own investigations without informing his wife but all proved futile until last week when a man (police officer) by the name of Essau Sichalwe sent a message and 2 pictures to her fon while she was fast asleep. He opened the message box and what he read and saw was beyond heartbreaking. The man wrote a message enquiring how Emma the couple’s 5 year old last born daughter was doing. Infact Mr Sichalwe was trying to enquire how the 5 year old girl was doing since she was his daughter.

After pestering his wife, Mr Mwansa learnt that his wife was indeed cheating on him with a police officer of a nearby police station who even impregnated her five years ago. Mrs Mwansa told the court that she truly cheated on her hubby and that she was sorry.

Mr Mwansa shaded tears when his wife disclosed that the 5 year old girl whom he considered and loved as his last born was not actually his but for the same police officer whom she has been sleeping with.

The court has since dissolved the couple’s marriage as requested by Mr Mwansa the husband who kept on shading tears as he could not believe the woman who pretended to love him so much has actuary been sleeping with other men despite him working hard to provide all she required at home. He has since vowed to subject his three other children to DNA test. This is how deadly Seer 1 can be!




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