A Mr Lucas Lombe of Kabulonga has been arrested after he murdered his own son, who he caught red handed in bed with his wife.

Mike Lombe’s body has since been taken to the hospital(Mortuary)

It is believed Mrs Lombe escaped when the two were caught at an unnamed Lodge within Kabulonga. No one knows her whereabouts..

Mike Lombe was a step son to Mrs Lombe







  1. The folly of marrying a woman as young as your son. It can unravel family units. Sounds like a Greek Tragedy. Very sad indeed.

  2. We don’t all go through same situations in life. Marrying a so very young wife when you already advanced in age maybe the best option in some situations. A widower for instance with children from the deceased wife may not want to marry a grown up woman also with children. The combined total number of children may be just unbearable to the man. Responsilities may turn out to be too much. Also a grown up lady apart from having children from elsewhere comes with extended relationships. Her tie to the family of the father or fathers of those children won’t end with her getting married. The older man may not like the situation where the new wife has to deal with the older relations. So just bcos you decide to marry a younger woman in the age group of some of your children doesn’t make you childish or a morally bankrupt, there cud be a good reason. Otherwise we all encounter difficult times in life such as this unfortunate situation. Only that we tend to conclude too fast when a situation like this is on another person.

  3. Leviticus 18:7 (NIV)
    “‘Do not dishonor your father by having sexual relations with your mother. She is your mother; do not have relations with her.

    Fathers and mothers, don’t be too busy for your children! Teach them the Precepts, Commandments and Judgements of God! Train up a Child in the way he or she should go and when he or she is grown up, they will never depart therefrom!
    A child without biblical knowledge is as unstable as water!
    And men, marry within your age groups so that your expiry dates are not far apart! Men tend to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) as age catches up. If you have a young and restless wife when you suffer ED, that means trouble!
    The foundation of the family should always be anchored in the Author of The Institution of Marriage! Marriage is an Organization! Organizations need rules and boundaries! Most marriages are breaking up because people get into this organization without adequate knowledge and preparation! Churches must begin to do their work to build good morals in society! It’s a shame that the Church is leaving this job to politicians who are the least competent in these matters. If the State is doing the Church’s work, the State may as well start TAXING the Churches!


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