Ba Mayor shuts racist barber

Miles Sampa writes

This morning we closed Chinese owned Angels Barbershop located at Acardes Mall for Discriminating against Blacks and displaying their prices in Chinese contrary to the Food & Health Act.

We had a tip off from a whistle blower who took his son to cut hair but was told K300 as price just to put him off. When he agreed to pay, they then changed their mind and said the Barbershop was actually closed and had to leave.

When we went to Angels Barbershop for a fact finding mission today, we found a CLOSED sign at the door. Upon entering, we noticed a chinese having his hair cut.
They did not recongnise us as we had a mask on. We pretended wanting to have our hair cut and they said “We Closed”.

Upon inspecting their price board, we noticed also that nearly everything was labelled in chinese writings and not English as prescribed by the Food & Health Act.

We therefore retrieved our Council licenses from them and Closed them indefinitely.

A formal sign closure notice from LCC has since been sent to them.

We are happy to support 100% all law abiding Investors.

We shall however not condone any Investor that operates segregating or discriminating customers or employees based on their colour of the skin or pricing in other foreign languages other than English which is the constitutionally prescribed official language for Zambia.

We encourage residents to blow their whistles louder to our office for any such similar illegal conduct as we proved at Angels Barbershop.

Together We Can

Miles B. Sampa
Mayor of Lusaka
Thursday 21st May 2020



  1. Ba Mayor are serious barbar shops should operate under “Food and Healthy” laws????? Are you now going to stop specialized businesses in Zambia? So if they open a barbar shop that handles chinese hair what do want them them to do with black zambian people when they have so much Chinese people you have allowed to be here?

  2. Ba nineo
    I got one have no problem with Chinese, but if they have segregate us zambians, and put prices up to k300. And not label prices in Chinese, well deport them.

  3. Excellent action. One of the ways racist undertones come to the fore, is the disparity in pricing, dependant on who the customer is – but for identical services or goods.

    To deter unwelcome people, the price is often hiked up…as in this case for the non Chinese. This is blatant discrimanation.

    These people should be exposed and educated about racial equality in Zambia. In fact, if I were the Mayor, I would engage mystery shoppers to measure racial equality and other regulatory compliance in business premises.

    Zambians are no longer under colonial rule, where black people were perpetually descrimanated against in their own country. People should be made aware, discrimination can exist in Zambia today; and not to put up with it.

  4. I actually been to this hair salon to drop my wife who always has her hair cut there. I have always found other zambians both men and women having their hair done there and they have never discriminated. I don’t know why they have done so this time. Maybe there is a change in management.

  5. Zambians, learn to patronize your locally owned Barbar Shops and Saloons. Support your own brothers and sisters who need that money you are carelessly giving to ba Mwisa who externalize that money. Don’t you feel ashamed patronizing foreign shops and avoiding your own? What kind of Inferiority Complex is this that afflicts Zambians so much? We’ll only be respected as a people the moment we begin to value each other and our own Zambia goods and services! Otherwise they will continue calling you foreigners on your own soil! Look at Indians, they give each other business! Check the Indian Contractors making our roads. Have you seen them using Toyota vehicles? It’s Mahindra! The money is kept in their own sphere. Our Kwacha will continue doing poorly as long as we remain “careless” consumers!

  6. If PF is a normal party, the question they must be asking themselves is why are the Chinese behaving like the colonialists behaved before independence? When I look at a Chinese, all I see are eyes that look like they in a cover made of expired elastics and these are the idiots you have gone to bed with in order for them to feel superior and re-colonize us? Shame on you fools who have eaten their stupid money and you are out there stupidly promoting top star in fact bottom idiotic devil’s star and shutting down your own media houses? Just wait and see how those idiots will come and grab your wives and daughters and probably your ntwenos. Stupid idiots. Well done Sampa but you can do much more than that if you know what I am talking about.

  7. Miles Sampa is the only person in PF you can listen to. The man is working. But are these Chinese called investors? Investors who are running barbershops and restaurants. Why are they given businesses that can be done by us Zambians. It is not xenophobia, but coming all the way from China just to give a brush cut and cook katapa is laughable. But maybe we should just stand and watch. It could be that these are the investors that the PF can attract. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) through barbershops and restaurants-I am thinking about it now.


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