Mrs Emah Simubali Himwiila, a widow of Lusaka’s Mandevu compound, needs help from the general public over the seemingly extraordinary intelligence of her 7-year-old girl. Mrs Himwiila is a widow with 9 children; 8 boys and a girl.

The girl Annie Mutinta Himwiila, the last born in her family. Her father died when she was 2 years old. According to Mrs Himwiila, Annie is making her worried because her intelligence is far beyond normal.

Both her teachers and elder brothers confirmed that Annie’s intelligence is a source of great worry in the family. They said since she started Grade one, she has never failed any question; any question she was marked wrongly was a mistake of teachers in marking and not hers. Her spoken English is exceedingly refined, better than most Grade 12s. Last week, some of her elder brothers and her teachers decided to give her all the past papers that the 2020 Grade 7s wrote and in 4 subjects (English, Maths, Special Paper 1 and 2), she got 100% (150 out of 150); while in the other 4 (CTS, Social Studies, Science and Chinyanja), she got between 95 to 99 percent (146 to 149 out of 150) and in best 6 subjects m, she had 874.

Her mother, teachers and brothers want her to be taken to Chainama Mental Hospital for medical check up as they believe she is not normal. She equally solves Grade 9 questions with less difficulties. In class, she even corrects teachers if they make a mistake. How can this girl be helped?



  1. Nothing to worry here! This girl simply has a very high IQ and is absolutely normal an above average intelligence level. Leave her alone and no Chainama nonsense here.
    Those badly semi qualified doctors will tell you bullshit, they behave like Witches not Doctors. Besides, they don’t even have equipment to do any sensible tests so they end up guessing most of the time!
    Why is that beautiful Tonga girl learning Nyanja instead of Tonga? It doesn’t make sense!

    • She is learning Nyanja and not Tonga because she is more intelligent than you, leave the innocent girl alone and ask your own children to learn Tonga if that pleases you.

  2. The girls needs proper teachers and a good school for her special needs
    Otherwise an ordinary school will be just wasting her time.
    It is also important to help her grow in her social, physical, and spiritual life. As this is very important for the child.

    • You took the words right of my mouth.
      In fact, I’m very disappointed with the mother and the rest of the people complaining. They should be celebrating instead because it’s a rare opportunity to have such kind of people in our society.
      The family should not discourage this girl but they should instead encourage her do achieve even more and they will soon or later realise that she is great blessing to them (not that other children are not a blessing) but she is different from them.

    • It’s those that can’t reckon with a simple fact that Annie is gifted with intelligence to applaud and nurture who need a mental check at Chainama! The general family condition may not be known by the general public but in her the family has a blessing to count among many it is bestowed with! I feel sad that the mother has failed to embrace the genius in her home and it seems she’s surrounded with ignorance more so that the exceptional talent is with a female child! If Zambia treated education as a basic priority as developed countries do, Annie would have been in a school for “gifted” kids at government expense and Zambia does not lack of them only effort to locate them is non existent! Ministry of Education must take interest and find the other child prodigies!

  3. You must be thankful she is a genius. This is our prized asset as a country. I am very afraid the developed nations will get her.

    Ministry of education must take keen interest in this girl. I have said it.

  4. Why do people revel in daftness? Anyone appearing to be cleverer than average, is judged to be abnormal! I think such gifted children should be supported and encouraged. Who knows, she could be the future scientist who found a cure for currently incurable ailments!

  5. If America learns about this child, they will get her for her great IQ, But in Zambia , the parent gets worried thinking it is madness!! Ministry of education here is an assert for you.

  6. Am surprised. If she was a white she would have appeared on America has got talent without difficulty. Why blacks behaving like this instead of being happy now they are saying she is not normal.its them who are not Normal cz they can’t solve problem easily

  7. That’s the problem we have in Africa, if such things happen to any person, we all start saying this is madness, seriously… We are all created differently and that’s one thing we all have to know… Just be thankful that you have a new young bread winner …

  8. why worry in the UK they even have a television programme called CHILD GENIUS, such kids are even under the armpits of oxcabri universities, here we think its a chainama case. WHY?

  9. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to take the child to chainama. The child is gifted and not mentally ill no!! Her IQ is higher than the average age group or grade level hence only needs special attention that should be addressed by her teachers or even inclusion of qualified teacher assistant (special needs of education teacher)
    If you the mother, brothers, anyone related to her or anyone who know her is reading this you can email me via [email protected] or simply call/Whatsapp 0974381832 we can device a special arrangement for her. Please don’t hesitate to contact me

  10. Yebo binaMutinta, your daughter is a genius and only needs proper mentoring for her to excel not psychiatry treatment. You should be celebrating your daughter’s extraordinary intelligence not listening to dull people who think that having a very high IQ is a sign of madness. I’m surprised that even teachers who should know better can support the idea of having the super girl admitted to a mental health institution. Anyway those teachers can be excused for their mediocrity because they are a product of a broken down education system.
    By the way, what can the government do to inspire our newly found super girl? This country needs such brains and I suggest that the government introduces a deliberate policy for the purpose of identifying and helping such kids reach their potential. There are many Mutintas out there and all they need is exposure to the right education environment.
    To my fellow Zambians, what about a ‘HELP MUNTINTA EXCEL’ fund? This fund can help Mutinta’s widowed mother take her child to a better school than the one where teachers think high IQ is synonymous with madness.


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