Innocent Kalimanshi

PF Cadre Innocent Kalimanshi and four others have been dragged to court for allegedly swindling a Lusaka man, Diamond Mushota of over K 240,000 on pretext that they had a 100 hectares piece of land for sale in Chisamba when in fact not.

In his application before court, the plaintiff says in October 2020,the defendants offered to sale a piece of land measuring approximately 500 Hectors in Chisamba which offer resulted into an agreement of purchasing the said farm at a consideration of K582,000.

The plaintiff says on October 15, 2020 an amount of K55,000 cash was paid to the defendants upon agreeing the sale price which amount the defendants claimed included the survey fees.

He has also submitted that on October 22, 2020, he paid a further K103, 000 in cash which amount was acknowledged by the third, fourth and fifth defendant with a further K87,000 cash which was received and acknowledged by the third defendant.

However, the Plaintiff says upon paying the total sum he requested for the letter of offer as agreed to start the process of securing a certificate of title but despite repeated reminders, the defendants have refused or neglected to produce the letter of offer.
Arising from that, the plaintiff is now claiming for a payment of the amount of K245,000 being the amount paid for the purchase of the said land which deal has not materialized.

He is also claiming for Interest on the amount due above, cost and such other relief as the court may consider appropriate.


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