What was suppose to be the happiest day for Marjory and her newly wedded husband, everything turned sour yesterday Saturday when her ex boyfriend showed up in church just after the pastor was done with marriage vows on the couple.

A mass brawl broke out at a wedding reception which was held at Reformed Church of Zambia in Lusaka’s Chipata Compound.

Total confusion erupted between families members when Marjory’s ex boyfriend showed up at the wedding ceremony and claimed he had 5 hour vigorous sex with her the previous day (Friday 16th March 2018) in a named guest house. Marjory’s family members admitted she went missing on Friday for 5 hours and did not give them a convincing for her disappearance.

The man claimed he had video evidence of him having sex with the newly wedded Majorly on Friday.

The pastor was forced to cancel the wedding after the angry man threatened to produce video evidence of him in the sexual act with the newly wedded lady.

The ex boyfriend who also claimed to be HIV Positive said he had been forced to disclose Majory’s secrete sexual activities because she accepted having sex with him despite knowing she would be getting married to another man the following day.
Majory herself has never had sex with the man she was getting married too and was claiming to be a virgin.


The wedding was cancelled and Majory’s family was ordered to refund the man’s family (a man who was about to be her husband) every he had spent for the wedding including insalam and loboa.


This is a warning to all men, be careful with the people you are about to marry, some spend their days before the wedding sleeping with their boyfriends to the extent of impregnating them. No wonder some of the first born children are not yours.


Majory’s life is now ruined because of her unfaithfulness. Her ex boyfriend tricked her by placing a secrete camera in their room just before her colorful wedding.




  1. I think the boy friend is nuts.So what has he achieved now?Just destroyed someone’s future and he is happy.He must be very immature . Some people can be stupid.He shod be arrested for conduct likely to cause a breach of peace. Vikapokola navo vili ndwii koma ngati yenze ma UPND cadres.Nchito iyo mwami ala.

    • Iwe Chikala chobe, would you like your would be wife to behave like that? No wonder you are raising step children unknowingly.

      • Stanyoko mumbi phiri, so you support this idiot who is going around sleeping with married women. so the video niyachani now that the marriage has been annulled? He thot he would get paid yo topingila? Ndiye bupuba wa pf uyu!!!!!!

  2. its realy unfortunate, ths shud be a warning to ladies out there, there is no secrete under the sun, thus y there is a saying that,”the difference btwn a prisoner & a free man is that, a prisoner has bn caught while a free man has not bn caught,” there are so many majory out there only that they are not yet caught.

  3. Sometimes i feel sorry for women.You guys have bachelor’s day or whatever you call it where unthinkable things happen and you just expect women to be Angels.Come off your high pedestal wena in terms of sexual morality Zambian men are worse they 4uck anything that moves but expect their women to be saints.In most cases they sleep with married women but expect their wives to be pious. If we used the same measure to judge ,men should actually just shut up….oh am a man

  4. So sad for the groom. Imagine the time put in organising, the money, committee meetings, the excitement from both sides of the families, the matron and bridal group in leading the whole occasion….the church at large….hmmmmmm…..awe sure. So disturbing!


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