“The most disturbing thing is that the boy is double orphaned”

A Lusaka woman yesterday admitted torturing the double orphaned boy who is a nephew to her husband. The woman first of all denied the charges leveled against her by her maids but after interrogations and testimonies from her other neighbors, she finally admitted persecuting the boy and was quick to add that she did know what was using her to do that. It was reported that her husband was in many times present when his nephew was being tormented by the woman but was unable to say anything as he fears the woman so much.

The brutal torture was first reported to police by the Good Samaritan Maid who could not stomach the suffering of the boy who lost both parents some years back. On 1st March 2019, the woman whipped the poor boy James with a wire because he came back from school at 14:20 hours instead of 14:00 exactly.

The evil woman is now expected to appear in court next week and the husband is said to be extremely excited as he was also being tormented by her.


  1. A stupid man who is blinded by the yellow bone foolish woman.I thought people are now civilized.Shame and very sad.In my house can allow any child to be treated like that by my woman… not even my neighbor`s child


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