In a bizarre scene, a well known and God fearing family has shocked the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) community when the wife in a rage of anger allegedly killed her husband.

The Lusaka woman is alleged to have hit her husband with a blunt instrument and when he fell to the ground she went into the car and ran over him.

According to the Patriotic Front media team, the family is a well known member of the SDA University of Zambia Congregation.

“Mr Milumbe, a member of Unza SDA church had a fight with his wife and it seems she hit him with something in the head that made him collapse. Then she ran over him with her vehicle in the presence of their 8 and 6 yr old kids and he died on the spot. She is currently in police custody Mrs Milumbe is also a member at Unza Church.”



  1. Very sad. Whatever the difference was she should have just walked away from the marriage than kill him. There is life after divorce, her kids will now grow up without parents as she will spend her life in jail. I hope this is not what happened

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  3. Comment: I feel sorry for the kids I wander what she benefits now from killing the husband. she would enjoy his assets cat all cause none of his family members will let that women to take peace. the only benefit she will get is missing her freedom and kids . let justice be served very disappointed in this woman.


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