A Lusaka Woman Analica Jere has been swindled k46,000 by a witchdoctor from Uganda Kafelo Foma who is based in Chalala,adding that he solves any problem a human been is facing.

However,the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court has entered a plea of not gulity after Foma denied the charges.

In this matter,Kafelo Foma a Ugandan Witchdoctor is facing one count of Theft by False Pretence contrary to section 308 and 309 of the penal code chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Particular’s of the offence are that Last year on 11th September,2018 in Lusaka Chalala Area,Foma the accused person had to swindle Jere k46,000 pretending to be a witchdoctor and saying that he is a powerful witchdoctor who handle any problem that come across him but however in the process Foma had to run away.

And when the matter came up for Continuation of trial,Today,before Magistrate Nsunge Chanda,Jere told the honurable court that she came across the accused through a Facebook advert.

“I had a problem with my fiance and l wanted him to marry me.So l saw an advert on Facebook saying that there is a person in Chalala who solves problems such as marital problems,job issues etc.Thereafter,l decided to make a call,which that person told me that his name is Kafelo Foma.He told me to come with k46,000 to his house which o borrowed from a male friend who stays in Europe.Foma told me to drop the money in the trunk which l did,thereafter he started talking to the spiritual god,in which they were exchanging words with,”Jere narated the story to the court in which she is the complainant.

Jere further explained that ,Foma swindled me.

“The doctor (Kafelo Foma) told me to leave and come back tomorrow (12th September,2018),which l did but sadly l did not find him there because he was just renting.Inshort,your honor he had run away after he swindled me with k46,000.I tried my level best to phone him but all his lines he gave me were off.I decided to report the matter to the police station,”Jere added in her testimony to the court.

But the Defence Lawyers for Kafelo Foma denied that a chef,who get k3,000 montly salary can not be in possess with k46,000.

Additionally,the state brought in the arresting officer who is a Chief Investigator General Police Mubita Moya Officer who testified that he arrested Foma according to the words of the complainant told him.

“When Analica Jere,who is the complainant in this case explained the case to me,as the lnvestigator l had to lnvestigate the matter more which led to the arrest the doctor (Kafelo Foma).Moreover,no money was recovered,”Moya told the court.

At this stage the court room got tense as Defence Lawyers for Foma labeled the police officer as incompentent.

“You are incompentent,how can an lnvestigative officer just rely on the complainant’s testimony.You did not even lnvestigate the matter but you arrested the accused,”said the Defence Lawyers for Foma.

But Magistrate Nsunge Chanda ruled that in most cases police officers rely on the complainant’s report which is right because they must protect the complainant.

However,the matter was adjourned to January 24,for continuation of trial.


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