By Top Secret.
Top Secret investigations have established that Lusaka’s Arcades shopping mall will any time from now be declared as a cholera breeding centre due to lack of tap running water for use in the toilets.

And a check at Lusaka Civic centre by Top Secret found Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa on phone with Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba discussing matters related to giving the people of Lusaka “free wifi”.

Lusaka has been hit by water shortages and health experts tell Top Secret that with this hot weather, there are high chances of cholera epidemic

It remains unclear as to which other public places have no water supply as promised by Miles Sampa.

However a thorough check by Top Secret at Arcades Shopping mall found people drawing water in dirty buckets to wipe out their “dirty” after answering the call of nature from nearby nearly dry taps too.



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