HAVING served under a president with incurable media phobia, former Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo is shocked that President Hakainde Hichilema will today “waste” two hours responding to citizens’ questions via phone on a radio program.

In his seven-year rule, the only time former president Edgar Lungu found courage to speak to the media was when he was addressing carefully handpicked journalists or when he alighted from the presidential jet which was well stocked with pricy intoxicating wines.

In complete departure from that culture of avoiding media, President Hichilema will be appearing on radio today.

But according to Lusambo, President Hichilema’s scheduled two-hour appearance on privately-owned Radio Phoenix will be a complete waste of time.

Upon switching on his mobile phone data this morning, Lusambo took to Facebook to express shock that; “For the very first time in our history, an entire President will be subjected to a two hour long radio programme to respond to people’s concerns”.

According to the Kabushi PF member of parliarment, President Hichilema’s radio appearance today will confirm a
big communication crisis in the government.

“For his team at State House, this may appear to be a big Out of the Box innovation but for some of us who understand how governments functions, this confirms that there is a big communication crisis in the Hichilema government,” he wrote.

Lusambo wondered what Chief government spokesperson Chushi Kasanda will be doing if President Hichilema was was responding to citizens’ questions.

“What we expect from President Hichilema is to get down to work. We don’t need anymore talk shows. Those close to him should tell him that time for campaign talk shows ended and now is time to work. Farmers just want empty bags and inputs distributed. Students want loans credited in their accounts and widow just wants mealie meal prices reduced. No Zambian is interested in two hours of speeches,” Lusambo wrote.

Further, Lusambo wrote that Zambians only wanted a Progress Report and the President didn’t need two hours to give them one.

“President Hichilema should be told that if his government is failing to communicate adequately, maybe he should concentrate on filling up empty positions in his government than sitting in a studio wasting time he doesn’t even have,” wrote Lusambo.



  1. We actually feel the same way about you too. You are a complete waste of time. Don’t you have any other sensible contributions apart from your hatred and ignorance.

    See any person who thinks a public engagement is unnecessary is completely ignorant and publicity awareness and a fool because they don’t understand how leadership operates.

    What you are advocating for is called dictatorial leadership. Where stupid people think they have the preserve of ideas. What nonsense.

    This caliber of leadership is embarrassing. We need to quickly get rid of these types of leaders who cannot discuss pressing issues except trying to pull down political opponents . We the voters see right through all this silliness and are Very tired of the low caliber of leadership.

  2. Your PF President the whole entire period he stayed in Government never saw the value of interactions with the voters. HH has done it and we need to encourage him

    • Yeah! Bring it up again please please HH.we will report directly to you on what’s happening in our country. No place to hide now

  3. I don’t know what the people of kabushi saw in this man. I have never heard a single statement which make any sense come from this man.

  4. HH is doing fine and he doesn’t need any approval from people like you. The whole of seven years you were just boot licking and boasting about stealing instead boasting about development. You are the one who wasted your time, let the President interact with people who voted for him, we don’t need a tonne of bricks any more, we are forever free.

  5. I think prison is waiting for this man. He told us plainly that when you steal, you still for the future. I wish he had a brain.

  6. Their is nothing wrong with a head of state taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to the citizenry that voted him and his government into power.

    Am sorry to say but Mr. Lusambo, you have no idea how a government works. You worked under a very disorganized and media shy regime.

    You had your time, you whipped people, threatened anyone who dared to voice there opinion and even went on to think you were above the law.

    Kabushi, your chosen MP is a complete time waster. I sincerely hope you choose wisely next time.

  7. That guy does not understand anything, he is not a critical thinker. Does he even understand public perception sampling is ? Does he even know what the private media benefits come out of such shows? Talking to people at an opportune time benefits us citizens. Imaging you are not talking to your children in a household, imagine that.

  8. Bowman himself a waste of time. Not critical thinker, cadre mentality, morally bankrupt, always making noise. We love the new way of doing things and no more lies being told to the president he will be hearing it straight from us citizens. We appreciate what bally is doing.

  9. And he sat and hrough 2 hrs “wasting time’ listening to HH. That must have been agony him. ECL did not have the etiquette to do public addresses or press conferences. He ducked these like they were the way what has happened to the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust?


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