We are saddened to announce the demise of a luvale hero of chavuma district today.

Kakoma S. Chitanga who served as a member of parliament for chavuma from 2001 to 2006 has passed on.

He was one of the few brave luvales who went to parliament in an unexpectedly way.

Mr Chitanga in 2001, came to the spot light during his campaigns for the Chavuma parliamentary seat when he launched his door to door campaigns on a bicycle as a mode of transportation.

Being a fan of fishing, he visited people at the fishing camps otherwise known as misumba, to reach out to them with his manifesto while also joining them in fishing.

Mr Chitanga who was a teacher by profession , won many hearts in chavuma district as he continued with his one on one campaign and got nick named as “Tata wakinga” (The bicycle man) and eventually, scooped the Chavuma parliamentary seat with a landslide.

Despite being a member of parliament, he did not relocate to Lusaka but continued to stay in Chavuma district and helped many people in need till his death.

The luvale community shall greatly miss this brave and wise son of the great luvale soil.




  1. I knew the man very well. Of course he never relocated to Lusaka, but decided to stay in his village and continued to live in his grass thatched house throughout his term as member of parliament for Chavuma. Condolences to the family.


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