General Education Minister David Mabumba says printing school examination papers locally is not an easy undertaking.

Early this week, General Education Permanent Secretary Jobicks Kalumba told ZNBC that printing of examinations papers outside the country was costing Government huge sums of money.

Reacting to Kalumba’s observation, Minister of Works and Supply Mutotwe Kafwaya announced that Government Printers, in its current state was ready to print examination papers for the Examinations Council of Zambia.

But Mabumba was quoted by Diamond TV saying technical consultations with all stakeholders would have to take place before coming to a conclusion.

The minister said thorough consultations would have to be carried out it before taking such a move.

Some teacher unions have supported Kalumba’s call for printing examination papers locally saying it was high time the country grew and began to do things on its own.

Basic Education Teachers Union of Zambia Spokesperson Kakunta Kabika said if printing of examination papers was done locally, the cost of conducting examinations would be reduced.

Featuring on ZNBC’s Radio Two this week, Dr Kalumba said the ministry was spending too much on facilitating the movement of officers charged with the responsibility of overseeing the printing of examinations papers outside the country.

He noted that there was need to carry out reforms in the education sector that will allow the printing of examination papers locally.

The Permanent Secretary wondered why Grade seven, nine and 12 papers should be printed outside the country when the University of Zambia (UNZA) prints its examinations papers locally.

He called for building capacity of local printing companies so that they bid for printing of examination papers.

He said Government would serve a lot of money once the printing of examination papers is localised.



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