By Patson Chilemba

I can’t comment on what has been said about me, says former General Education minister David Mabumba.

And police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo, in a text message, said the matter involving Mabumba’s pornographic materials is still under investigation, amid her failure to take her calls for the past two days and referring the matter to police commissioners for comment.

In a text message to Daily Revelation on the outcry his actions have elicited, with President Lungu relieving him of his ministerial duties and ruling PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri saying she did not understand Mabumba’s upbringing, Mabumba refused to address the matters raised against him.

“Unfortunately I can not comment on what has been said,” said Mabumba, who is PF Mwense member of parliament, in a short text to Daily Revelation.

Asked how he was doing, Mabumba said: “I’m well friends.”

And Katongo who has refused to take any calls since yesterday, told Daily Revelation in a text message that the matter involving Mabumba was still being investigated.

Daily Revelation has been trying to get in touch with police since yesterday to get the progress made on the matter, but Katongo has refused to take calls. And when reminded on this in text messages, Katongo said the journalists should call the police commissioners if she did not pick her calls.

“I don’t think I avoid your calls. My office have a lot of responsibilities not only dealing with the media. Good morning,” responded Katongo.

Nevertheless, Daily Revelation made contact with Lusaka Province police commissioner Nelson Phiri, who also referred the queries to Katongo.

“If you have seen Esther has issued a statement to that effect. So if you want to follow up please follow up with the statement that Esther has done,” he said, but when reminded that the same Esther had referred the queries to his office, Phiri said: She can’t. She did a statement she knows how we operate. She did a statement to that effect.”

Meanwhile, former High Commissioner to Australia George Zulu said the country did not owe Mabumba any prayers because he was the same one who was making the laws, and breaking them at the same time. He said both he and the woman involved had committed a crime.

He said it was good the President acted swiftly to dismiss him from his ministerial position.

“He should not think of committing any harm to himself because we all have sinned. He must be brave enough and ask for forgiveness and the Zambians being a forgiving people will forgive him. He doesn’t need prayers if he hasn’t asked Zambians to forgive him,” said Ambassador Zulu. -Daily Revelation



  1. What is so so cardinal is that our poor police should not seem good and profession when a non PF commit the same offence .This application of the biased law s not good let’s get to do good things.Nelson phiri cadres went to court disturbing the whole process what did he do,If those were UPND you could have arrested them by now .the cadres beat police and himself if that UPND HH could have been a Demon the whole Zambia even Chiefs they could be crying for arresting because of his candres but upto now who was arrested,? But people holding a peacefully demo you get the whole battalion of police officers the whole Lusaka to fight them so that you can break their bones ,shame.Tribal speech by PF members daily heard but Chishimba to say it to the Indian you go and arrest him anyway .Otheewise on Mabumba you have failed to arrest or just a warning statement from iur proffessional police its animal farm


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