Dear Editor

Am being hurt about what macky 2 is doing , this is very wrong macky 2 pleaded hantinga to just accept his proposal but why has he changed like this ? Where is hantinga now if I may ask ? And what if it was hantinga doing this to macky 2 ? Its very bad and please people let’s not blame girls at all times even boys like macky 2 are problems and now his not macky 2 his macky 0

Because he has even put off the ring its a bad news any way . And about iris please if thay are some people with her contact tell this girl to go to Nigeria synagogue church of all nations Scoan TB Joshua for deliverance its to much now , why is it that she’s always after this tuma famous musicians ? Is it because she’s after something like realizing another miss born video with macky 0 ?

Finally we want to tell macky 0 that when iris pools him into the video never should he say i was drank I didn’t know what was happening because he has already said he don’t drink secondly you know what iris is capable of doing so don’t say you didn’t know because we have already told you.

Concerned Friend ……





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