By Fisho Mwale

MaFishi to be replaced by MaFisho……

The story of MaFishi continues to be interesting. I want to look at it from longevity and legacy and I believe that’s why the passing away of MaFishi remains fascinating. It is believed that the lifespan of animals given ideal conditions is far much longer than humans . Ideal conditions in this respect might be favourable climatic conditions, clean and safe environmental conditions, abundant and less competitive food chain and I think absence of human contact which reduces environmental degradation and filth. Let me cut the chase, am sure if MaFishi’s water and food was controlled MaFishi would have lived longer and larger. Sorry CBU guys but your love might have killed MaFishi. Ma leftovers yaku dining of nsima, na buns, mahewu given with good intentions might have given MaFishi cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes or depression.
But 27 years still Nipa tali. MaFishi witnessed and heard a lot of things at CBU
Congratulations !

So back to age, most of the longest living animals are those found in water . In fact the closest relative to MaFishi the Koi fish has been recorded to live up to 200 years . I initially thought MaFishi was Koi and I have organized a few Koi Fish to be on standby for CBU.
However your #1 Zambian Fish YALELO has already engaged the CBU student Union first to commiserate on the loss of the tasty but educated looking MaFishi and secondly to see how we can share expertise and support in building a sustainable Aquaculture growth program at CBU. The first initiative was in 2013 and the last visit was in 2018 were Yalelo undertook a recruitment drive for graduates in different fields. However we see new opportunities presented by MaFishi’s demise. The legacy MaFishi has left is one of integrity , honesty, modesty and loyalty . Sanasiyepo mulandu MaFishi.
He/She was loyal

Yalelo wants to honour MaFishi’s legacy and we are going to support the CBU’s fish project so that we produce many MaFishi and we will do so by providing our premium excellent genetic fingerlings and the best Fish feed in Africa produced by our sister company Aller Aqua Zambia.

MaFishi memory will energize us to continue to excel in providing unequaled service and to promote and develop Aquaculture in Zambia .
In the meantime back to age. Did you know that an age of a dog is equal to 7 human years. I understand Fish is the other way round , so in human terms MaFishi died at the tender age of 5(human) years .

In conclusion it’s important to remind ourselves that life is not just about ourselves . Sometimes it takes an insignificant or innocuous event to remind us of the fragility of our existence or the importance of coexistence and sharing the environment with other living beings. Lastly let us look after our educational institutions for there is no substitute for education except ignorance. MaFishi you are a symbol of the future in your own right .
Thank you




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