Sunday Chanda

Civil Rights Activist Brebner Changala has asked Magistrate Exnorbit Zulu to cite PF Media Director Sunday Chanda for Contempt of Court.

Reacting to a write up by Mr. Chanda in which he described the Magistrate as ‘smelly’ for calling for the prosecution of State House Principal Private Secretary Simon Miti for theft , Mr. Changala said if Bishop John Mambo and Gregory Chifire can be cited for contempt for commenting on a matter that has been disposed in the Supreme Court, it was even worse with Mr. Chanda because the matter he condemned the Magistrate on was still at infancy as there is a possibility of the convicts appealing. He said the language used by Mr. Sunday Chanda is so crude and can not be compared to the language that both Bishop Mambo and Mr. Chifire used.

He further noted that there was an element of intimidation in the language used by the PF Media Director. Last week the Magistrate in convicting and sentencing former Ministry of Health officials for theft and corrupt practices said it was surprising that Dr. Simon Miti who served as controlling officer at the ministry of health was not arrested for the same offences because it was clear that he was aware of the thefts as payments where made on cheques that where raised openly and that there was no break in or stolen cheques reported. He said it was very clear that the PS was aware.


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