By Hon Happy Munsanje

Many are asking my comment on the wedding that turned sour in Chipata Compound after an Ex boyfriend emerged with a revelation.

Also, they want me to comment on a Matero man who bought HUNGRY LION food and splashed it with rat poisoned and gave it to his children.

When children were eating poisoned food, he was busy taking photos of them and that was in a booked Lodge.

After the kids died, he also took his life in the same way as he took that of his children. His children and him died with full stomachs.

1. Majory

There are many women who have done what Majory did. In fact, we have divorces today because of the influence of the unknown boyfriends.

It’s that you were not caught like Majory otherwise, you would have been the first Majory.

This should then, be a lesson to all females that falling for a silly temptation pays off hard at the end of the day.

It’s sad that the Ex boyfriend who reviewed sexual relationship of the girl is admitted in Hospital.

2. Matero man

Children should never be separated with their parents no matter what. The man took the life of the two children because his IN-LAWS told him that because he hasn’t paid Lobola, children will be taken with them after divorce.

IN-LAWS were wrong on this one because marriage is not about making money but about living a Godly life together.

How would someone take children out of the father’s care on pretence that the father hasn’t paid Lobola?

The man went so evil to take up the lives of his two children and him. He would have sat with the family of his wife and talked.

Everything is cleared off by dialoguing and if there is someone who understands better, are our parents; IN-LAWS.


I therefore, urge girls who are planning to get married to fully decide and bury the past and all actions. They should get rid of former boy friends and focus on that with married interest.

Mothers and fathers should learn to sit and resolve issues amicably than lowering themselves to murder. By talking, alleges on infidelity can be cleared once and for all.

Don’t turn into a serial killer…Look at the life of your children and am sure, you wouldn’t want them to be orphans. I am sure you always pray for the best with your children.

May God bless all couples as they resolve issues amicably.


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