Some ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) notorious cadets had a shock of their lives on Friday in Blantyre when Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldiers beat them up for attempting to foil the civil society organisations sanctioned peaceful protests in the commercial city.


The DPP cadets had arrived at Kamuzu Upper Stadium earlier, sending back would be protesters and beating up some of them.

The police, who were assigned to protect the protesters, just looked helplessly.

A Zodiak reporter in Blantyre said the cadets even told the privately owned media crew to leave the place, accusing it of bias towards the opposition.


However, things changed when Malawi Defence Force soldiers turned up, beating up the cadets, roughing them up, leaving most of them with blood oozing from nose and mouth.

Some of them had sustained injuries and had their clothes torn as they struggled with the MDF soldiers who wanted the protests to go on.

Earlier, the High Court in Blantyre granted Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) an injunction to allow the protesters march peacefully in the city.

Blantyre City Council had denied permission the protesters from marching in the streets.

The council said the Human Rights Defenders Coalition had not paid a K9.5 million bill for damaged property the previous demos, the counsel was holding a mayoral and deputy mayoral elections, among others.



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